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Below you will find information on creating a character in Bump In The Night. We are a Chronicles of Darkness setting, and while we have room for a vast range of concepts, there are a few items we are looking for (and not looking for). Please also keep in mind that this is a perpetual game shared by other players. Some concepts that may work fine in one world, or at one point, may not fit as well as the game changes, progresses, and adapts.

For specific information on how to use the Character Generation system, please see: Character Creation Guide


Who is your character? What are they? Give this some thought before jumping straight to the numbers game. In Bump In The Night, characters can have a wide range of concepts, but all of them will share a particular interest in the supernatural, the occult, monsters, and the like. Characters in BITN will be fighting against the world of darkness. For some, this is a physical fight. For others, it's research, and for others, it's the dissemination of information. It is important to decide how your character relates to this world before continuing on to setting stats.

Once you've settled on a concept, distill this down to just a few words. This is what you will enter into the Character Generation system.


Like concept, Aspirations define a character. Choose one Long Term Aspiration, and two Short Term Aspirations for your character. Long Term Aspirations should take weeks or months to complete, while Short Term Aspirations might take a scene or three. On BITN, players receive Beats for making significant progress towards a Long Term Aspiration. Do remember that Aspirations are not just things the characters. They are things that you, the player, want to experience. They are also tools to indicate to staff what your character is about, and what direction you would like them to head in. For more information and examples, see Chronicles of Darkness, pg. 28.


Backgrounds are optional.

If you wish to set a background, please keep it under 500 words. Bullet points and overviews work just fine for us. Backgrounds should contain information as to why your character has taken up this lifestyle, and expand on what you already have added for your concept and your aspirations. If you are unsure what to add in your background, the Chronicles of Darkness book offers a set of questions (pg. 29) to help determine your characters breaking points. Answering these questions also create a good background.

  • What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
  • What is the worst thing your character can imagine themselves doing?
  • What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?
  • What has the character forgotten?
  • What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to the character?

Breaking Points

All characters have a few key psychological components that keep them more or less grounded in their human psyche. BITN provides 5 "stock" breaking points for all mortal characters. These are assumed to be the default unless a character has chosen to replace one or more with custom Breaking Points. Custom breaking points must be approved by staff. Custom breaking points will be generated by answering the questions on page 29-30 of the Chronicles of Darkness book.

Stock Breaking Points:

  • Murder, either witnessing or participating
  • Torture, either witnessing or participating
  • Leaving the material world (including entering twilight)
  • Coming close to death (a lethal wound in the last 3 boxes or any aggravated damage)
  • Death of a loved one

(Being victimized by or Witnessing the supernatural is not an automatic breaking point. The characters of Bump in the Night have chosen to confront the darkness that lurks in the shadows. Instead, any breaking point involving a supernatural entity is modified per the chart on page 74.)

Supernatural Merits / Psychics

There is no template difference between a normal, every day mortal and a mortal with Supernatural Merits. Additional information on psychics can be found here.


The following items are restricted during character creation:

  • Cooperative Rank over 2
  • Mystery Cult Initiation over 2
  • Status over 3

Stock Concepts

If you need some inspiration, direction, or advice on picking stats for a character build, we have Stock Concepts that you can pull from!