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A step-by-step guide to chargenning on BITN.

Take note that the chargen commands can be used anywhere, there is no "chargen room". If you need a quiet place to do it, use the Quiet Room!

For a general overview of how BITN uses the various parts of a sheet, please see Character Creation.


1. Chargen Commands

First thing you'll want to do is familiarize yourself with the Chargen commands. This is important, because when we say 'set' something in these initial stages, we typically mean through that command.

After every step, I suggest using cg/check to make sure everything you set is recognized by chargen. If there is a green [OK] next to it, you should be fine, if not, you're screwed. Just kidding, you did something wrong, go back and do it right!

2. Template and Gender

To start, you'll need to set your template as human. (BITN only allows humans, but this command is required by the Character Creation system.): stat/template human

Gender is set with @sex me=<text>, unlike the rest of chargen, which uses stat/set <name of stat>=<value>. Some stats have a type, which is the same as above except for adding the type. stat/set <name of stat> (<type>)=<value> Make sure what you enter for the type matches exactly what you see when you use stat <name of stat>.

If the stat isn't in the system, it won't be available, such as a it a Virtue/Vice. If something isn't available and you would like it to be, use req Stat Request=<text>. Please include a reason and any details, and staff will process the request when we are able.

3. Attributes and Skills

Attributes and Skills are fairly straight forward. stat/set <attribute or skill>=<value>. No more to it than that. If you spend more dots than you have available, cg/check will inform you. The code distributes your primary, secondary, and tertiary categories in both Attributes and Skills automatically based on how you distribute dots, which is pretty awesome.

Specialties are set using stat/set <skill>.<specialty>=1. Do not use hyphens ( - ) in specialties. Just use a space.

If you enter any stat in error, or decide you do not want it, use stat/set stat=default to remove it.

4. Aspirations

Aspirations must be pitched before they can be approved, even in chargen. so what you want to do is make sure you've got a good, solid idea of what you want your two Short-Term and your one Long-Term Aspirations to be, and then pitch them, using asp/pitch short-term=<text> for the short ones (once for each Aspiration, not both in the same one), and asp/pitch long-term=<text> for the long one, of which you only get one. See Asp for more information on how Aspirations are handled on BITN.

5. Merits & Notes

Everyone gets ten (10) Merit Dots to start with.

Merits that require notes are as follow:

Alternate Identity, Mentor, Staff, Sympathetic Monster, Retainer. (Please note: We are not using Professional Training.)

Please follow this schema:

note/add <your name>/Merits=Mentor (<name>)/<text>

note/add <your name>/Merits=Allies (<name>)/<text>

Please remember that Safe Place requires a descriptor; it should be short: two words, or three short ones.

Allies, Contacts, and Status must all be set to an influence group. For information on influence groups, click here.

6. Background

Your background can be set using bgadd #=<text>. Make sure not to use ANSI, as it does not currently support it. Just normal text with %r for line breaks is more than enough. No need to have a long background, either (see Character Creation). In fact, if you could keep it under 500 words, that would be swell. Bullet points are fine, too.

Backgrounds are optional.

7. Breaking Points

Characters are required to have five breaking points. BITN provides 5 "stock" breaking points for all mortal characters. These are assumed to be the default unless a character has chosen one or more replacement, custom Breaking Points which have been approved by staff. For information on replacing the stock Breaking Points, please see Breaking Points.

Your Breaking Points are set in a note (note/add general=Breaking Points/<description>). It should look like this:

Breaking Points
  • First.
  • Second.
  • Third.
  • Fourth.
  • Fifth.

Stock Breaking Points:
  • Murder, either witnessing or participating
  • Torture, either witnessing or participating
  • Leaving the material world (including entering twilight)
  • Coming close to death (a lethal wound in the last 3 boxes or any aggravated damage)
  • Death of a loved one

Note: Being Victimized by or Witnessing the Supernatural is NOT an automatic breaking point - the characters of Bump in the Night have chosen to confront the darkness that lurks in the shadows. Instead, any breaking point involving a supernatural entity is modified per the chart on page 74 of Chronicles of Darkness.

8. Starting XP Spends

Add your XP spends to the +job generated when you hit cg/submit.

Do not try to add them via the chargen commands.

All characters begin with either: 5 XP OR an eligible transfer of XP. (See News: Transfer)

And now...

Phew. You're done.