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The following content is not from official Onyx Path materials, but is for use on Bump in the Night.


Focused Medium (●)

Prerequisites: Empathy ●●, Occult ●
Effect: Your character has a narrower version of the Medium Merit (see Chronicles of Darkness p 57). This Merit applies only to a particular class of Ephemeral Being - Ghost, Spirit or Angel. However, by being so specialized, your character gains the 9-Again quality on improving the relevant condition (Anchor, Resonant or Infrastructure) to Open.
Drawback: As Medium. A character can never have more than one instance of this merit.

Incite Nature (● to ●●●●●)

Prerequisites: Survival ●●●
Effect: Your character causes surrounding plant life to grow rapidly and lash out at her enemies. Spend a point of Willpower and roll Presence + Survival, and then specify a target. On a successful roll, inflict the Savage Nature tilt (described below) at an intensity equal to dots of Incite Nature (limited by the size/density of plant life in the area) on the target. The character's power affects a radius equal to 100 yards times dots in Incite Nature. This power will also not cross distinct plant formations (for example, using it in a prairie will not affect the forest that abuts the prairie). The effect lasts for a scene, though plant life has no ability to pursue a target outside of its own environment. This power has no effect when used in an area without plant life (such as a parking lot, inside a building, etc).
Note: This is a supernatural merit.

Savage Nature (Tilt)
Description: Grass grows impossibly fast and attempts to entangle limbs, trees bend over to lash with branches. The plant life in an area has been supernaturally disturbed and works to hinder your every movement.
Effect: Apply a penalty to all Physical dice rolls equal to the intensity of the tilt. The intensity of this tilt is limited by the power that caused it (usually the Incite Nature supernatural power) and also by the plant life in the area affected by the power. A suburban lawn is limited to intensity 1. A semi-urban park with lots of trees, bushes, etc, is limited to intensity 3. A thick forest or jungle is intensity 5.
Causing the Tilt: Supernatural powers (namely Incite Nature) are required to cause plant life to act so strangely.
Ending the Tilt: The easiest way to escape is to flee the affected area. Destroying the plant life in an area would work as well.

Rank(● to ●●●●●)

Effect: Rank represents your character's degree of initiation into a hunting Cooperative. Mechanically, it functions similarly to the Mystery Cult Initiation merit from Chronicles of Darkness, where each dot provides a unique bonus. Rank does not grant any additional benefits. Any merit gained through Rank can be used even if the prerequisties cannot be met, though they may be effectively useless.
Drawback: A character can never possess Rank in multiple Cooperatives.

Stockpile (● to ●●●)

Prerequisites: Safe Place ●
Effect: Effect: Your character has a significant collection of particular type of gear, which is chosen when this merit is purchased. Valid categories are: Firearms, Automobiles, Armor, Melee Weapons, and Equipment. Once per Chapter you may freely collect from your Stockpile 1 item with an availability equal to Stockpile dots plus 2, two with dots plus 1, and three with dots. At the end of the chapter, this equipment is returned to the stockpile (though nothing stops a character from withdrawing the same equipment every chapter). A character may have multiple categories of stockpiles.

Sympathetic Monster (● to ●●●●●)

Effect: Your character has a friend, family member, or other associate who, in general is fairly kind to them. Along with the Storyteller, you can design a creature with up to one Dread Power or dot of Potency for each point invested in this merit. This creature is not a retainer, but will be available to assist the character when relevant, usually in plots. Storytellers should be inclusive of Sympathetic Monsters where reasonable. At a players discretion, they may instead have an Ephemeral as a Sympathetic Monster. If this is chosen, the maximum Rank of the Entity is 3, further dots of Sympathetic Monster instead add additional Numen. All Sympathetic Monsters must be Noted.
Sympathetic Monsters cannot be True Friends.
Drawback: The more powerful the creature, however, the more likely it is to betray you. Once per week, staff will roll a dice pool equal to your Integrity minus the dots in this merit. On a failed roll, the Monster grows more powerful, granting a temporary dot in this merit, but the monster's actions result in an immediate need for a Breaking Point roll. Furthermore, Sympathetic Monsters over 2 dots gain a Bane and other characters may react poorly to those who are chummy with their vampire sister.


Adrenaline Rush

The thrill of victory is coursing through your veins. Either in sport or in combat, your body is running hot and heavy. You may resolve this condition to gain +3 to any roll during which Initiative is being tracked, as if spending a Willpower.
Sources: Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry
Resolution: Your character utilizes the bonus as described above.
Beat: N/A

Deaf (Persistent)

Your character has permanent hearing damage, and may even have total hearing loss in one or both ears As such, they are always considered to be afflicted by the Deafened Tilt in combat, but reduce the combat roll penalty to -1. Hearing rolls are penalized as per the Deafened Tilt. Further, characters who are completely suffer a -1 to social rolls with people who are not also Deaf (but receive a +2 on social rolls with others who are fully Deaf
Sources: Genetics, Ear Damage
Resolution: You regain your hearing Beat: You fail to notice something dangerous, you fail a social roll penalized from this condition.

Critical Hit

You not only hit, you hit hard and you hit with precision. You may immediately resolve this condition to upgrade an amount of damage from an attack equal to the weapon modifier (minimum 1). Bashing damage becomes lethal, lethal damage becomes aggravated. Under some circumstances, this may be a breaking point for mortal characters. If this condition is not resolved immediately, it fades with no reward.
Sources: Brawl, Weaponry, Firearms.
Resolution: As above
Beat: N/A

Convicted Felon (Persistent)

Your character has a criminal conviction hanging over their head. They may have served their time according to the law, but they aren’t ever going to be looked at the same way. When gaining this condition, work with the Storyteller to determine what crime your character was convicted of. Once per story, the Storyteller may have your character interrogated by the police about a similar crime, and likely not at a good time for your character. Your cred as an ex-con gives you a +2 modifier for Streetwise rolls within relation to your crime, but you suffer a -1 to all social rolls with law-abiding citizens who know of your conviction.
Sources: Breaking the law, false conviction
Resolution: Clear your name, assume a new identity
Beat: Be harassed by authorities, fail a roll penalized by this merit

Depressed (Persistent)

Your character suffers from a mild, chronic form of depression. This is a low-level, persistent sorrow that hinders but does not inherently endanger your life. Social rolls suffer a -2 penalty, and Mental Rolls suffer a -1 Penalty. If you choose to spend a willpower point, the penalty is negated for the current scene.
Possible Sources: Genetics, Supernatural Mental Influence, Drug Abuse
Resolution: Successful treatment (psychiatric or otherwise), mystical intervention
Beat: Fail a roll on which you suffer a penalty


Your character is unable to focus their thoughts and maintain concentration. Double the length of any Extended Actions based on a Mental Skill, and all rolls suffer a -1 penalty.
Possible Sources: Pressing matters, sensory overload
Resolution: Isolate yourself or indulge your Vice.
Beat: Fail to accomplish an extended task.

Gift of Gab

Words seem to roll off of your tongue and into the hearts and minds of anyone who listens. Resolve this condition when making a social maneuvering roll to automatically open an additional door.
Sources: Persuasion, Socialize, Empathy
Resolution: As above
Beat: N/A

Lucky Break

Your character has avoided a major attack, and this has them fighting at a defensive advantage. Having already avoided one attack, your character may resolve this condition to turn a dodge action into a Rote action.
Sources: Exceptional success on a Dodge roll
Resolution: As above
Beat: N/A


Your character has, hopefully briefly, lost the will to live. You suffer all the effects of the Depressed condition and can not Dodge (but can apply defense normally) In addition, you cannot spend willpower, and can never regain more than one willpower per scene.
Possible Sources: Drug Abuse, Mental Illness.
Resolution: An exceptional success on a roll to treat mental illness, suffer lethal damage in excess of stamina.
Beat: Miss an opportunity to gain willpower.


Your character is deeply embarrassed by something and it has shaken their confidence. While they feel this way, they doubt themselves. When spending Willpower to increase dice pools or traits, gain one half of the bonus, round up. Resistance traits gain +1, while pools gain 2 dice.
Possible Sources: Dramatic Failure, Persuasion or Intimidation rolls.
Resolution: An exceptional success on any roll.
Beat: N/A

Wanted (Persistent)

Your character is wanted by the authorities and can be easily identified as such. While affected by this condition apply +1 to streetwise and intimidation but suffer -2 to all other social rolls with law-abiding citizens who recognize you. In addition apply +1 to any rolls to identify or investigate you. While under this effect law enforcement agents will actively be attempting to apprehend your character.
Sources: Being caught and identified breaking the law
Resolution: Be apprehended turn yourself in clear your name assume a new identity
Beat: n/a
Reference: Custom (Credit to Natalie)

Ward (Persistent)

Description: Your character has a ward a person they must protect and to whom they feel emotionally and/or duty bound. This could be a child in the case of parents a client in the case of bodyguards or anyone else they have decided takes priority above themselves. The character gains +4 for any Willpower spend in any roll to protect the ward. However if the Ward is in danger anyone putting the Ward in danger can force open one of the character's Doors automatically.
Sources: Being a parent being a bodyguard etc.
Resolution: The ward dies or is otherwise removed from the character's responsibility.
Beat: Take a beat whenever the character actively prevents harm from coming to the Ward or when the Ward's presence interferes with the character's efficiency in a scene.
Reference: Custom.