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Do you use Professional Training (CofD page 46?)

No, we do not.

What book(s) do I need to play on BITN?

We utilize Chronicles of Darkness. See also News Books in game.

What are the benefits of the Rank merit?

The sole benefits of the Rank merit are described in breakdown of the merit from each Coopeerative. Universally, the first dot grants a free speciality and the second dot grants 9-again in relation to the Cooperatives cause. Cooperative membership does not grant real estate, access to money, no secret clubhouse, etc.

Can I be a ghoul/wolfblooded/stigmatic?

No. We do not use minor templates at this time, and furthermore, we do not use Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken or Demon the Descent.

Why does +Request create a weird job title?

Because the command is +req. If you type +request the first bit of your job title will be uest.

How do I get a wiki account?

+req WIKI ACCOUNT = I would like to request a Wiki login. Username: <username you would like> and email: <working email to which we can send a generated password>

Can I have a Pony?

Sure. Just do +req XP SPEND = I would like a pony.%rxp/spend/<your name> Retainer (Pony)=3 and follow it up with note/add <your name>/Merits=Retainer (Pony)/Athletics, Brawl, Survival

Is this the same thing as GMC?

Not exactly. GMC (God-Machine Chronicles) was an update/patch to the 2004 World of Darkness Rulebook. Chronicles of Darkness is the new complete version of said rules.

Will we be/Are we using Hurt Locker?

Possibly, this has not yet been determined.

Can I make up my own wiki design

No, but yes. Your character must have a standard wiki page per our template. You are however free to create a calling card page as well.

See the character page form to set this feature live and get the proper link to create it. After that, wiki-fu the flashy sparkles and fun as usual in that space.

Where is the chargen room?

There is none, as all of the chargen commands may be set anywhere. If you need a quiet space, we do have a quiet room off of the Player Nexus.

Will you be opening more spheres in the future

No, BITN is designed around mortal protagonists.

What do you mean, I might die?

Part of being mortal is death. And when you fight monsters, death moves a lot closer to being "now" then "someday far from now".

Why such a huge geographical area rather than just one city?

Multiple reasons. First, it offers a significant variety of terrain, culture and socioeconomic areas, from extreme wealth to extreme poverty, to urbanized areas to open woodland to historic towns. Second, it gives everyone room to breathe and play and not worry too much.

Is there a meta-plot that staff's overseeing, or just smaller plots and events run by both staff and players?

There is not an end-game metaplot or anything of that nature. Staff does have two large-scale threats, but at this point, the game is far, far more "Monster of the Week" than it is "MythArc".

Your +staff list looks pretty slim. Are you hiring?

I will always talk to interested applicants, but at this time we are able to keep the jobs list fairly low. This may change soon.