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Hunter Cooperatives


The term Cooperative was first used among Southern Maryland hunters in the 1940s. It is generally used to refer to any large group of hunters who operate on a moderately organized basis. The rules for what constitutes a Cooperative are vague at best, but they generally are composed of 3 to 30 members operating in one or more autonomous groups known as Posses. All recognized Cooperatives have a unifying Cause which they keep close to their heart. This Cause guides and influences their actions.

In game terms, a Cooperative is a loose organization that a player character may belong to. Membership in a Cooperative is represented by dots in the Rank merit. A character may only belong to one Cooperative, and players are able to create their own Coops with staff assistance.

Cooperatives in Play



Aidos is the common name of what is officially known as the "Aidos Research and Technology Initiative", a local organization of scientific minds who come from a multitude of fields to discuss cutting edge research monthly in Annapolis.
Faction Type: Cooperative Aidos is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.


Barrack Y

A group of Maryland State Police Troopers and retirees who have come together to protect the people from threats outside the law.
Faction Type: Cooperative Barrack Y is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.


Chesapeake Marksmanship League

The Chesapeake Marksmanship League is, at its core, a social organization and gun club. More than just getting together to target shoot, however, the CML is a survivalist and doomsday prepper club which, in their paranoia and fringe believes, uncovered the existence of various monsters.
Faction Type: Cooperative Chesapeake Marksmanship League is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.


Diamondback Order

The Diamondback Order is a group of occultists and investigators based in and around the University of Maryland. Named after the college mascot, the Diamondback Terrapin, they take inspiration from old cherokee legends of the Terrapin and the Wolf - through a combination of bravery and wit, they battle the monsters of the darkness. The Diamondback Order is a collection of students, alumni and college employees who are not only aware of the occult, but take a proactive approach towards protecting the campus from unnatural influence.
Faction Type: Cooperative Diamondback Order is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.


The Knights of Saint George

The St. Mary's Catholic Community League is officially a community organization of Catholic Parishoner's in St. Mary's County. A sub-group of the League, The Knights of Saint George, act as protectors against the horrors of the night. Started in a Catholic church in St. Mary's county, men and women of all faiths have joined, and can be found anywhere in Southern Maryland. They seem to receive material support from some local churches and religious centers, but their tie to the greater Catholic Church organization is unclear.
Faction Type: Cooperative The Knights of Saint George is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.


The Secret Barony

The Secret Barony is the unrecognized and unofficial continuation of the lineage of George Calvert, the first Baron of Baltimore. The official title ended in 1771 with the death of the sixth and “final” Lord Baltimore. By the Secret Barony’s count, however, they are currently serving the 13th Lord Baltimore. The Secret Barony is an anachronistic group, recruited from medieval reenactors, jousters, historians and members of the Calvert family. They fight, traditionally, with sword, shield and lance, though are often trained in more modern forms of self defense. The Barony is organized as a medieval knightly order, with the Baron at the top and his knights and squires below him. However, as this is modern day america, the group is far less rigid than true aristocracy.
Faction Type: Cooperative The Secret Barony is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.


The Redeemers

Not everyone who takes up arms against the night does so to kill. Some hunters find the term monster hunter to be too violent and permanent. These men and women seek not to kill, but, whenever able, to convert the monsters to the side of Humanity. The Redeemers are one of the larger cooperatives in the region. While they are certainly aware of and influenced by the Compendium, they clearly do not hold the same ideals as the author. As a larger organization, the Redeemers have divulged into two branches, the Apprehenders and the Rehabilitators. Both hold the same goal, but they work at different ends of the spectrum.
Faction Type: Cooperative The Redeemers is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.



A group that actively hunts together is generally referred to as a Posse. Posses pull together resources, watch one another's back and generally work together in the furtherance of their Causes. It is not unusual for a Posse to contain members who identify with different Cooperatives. For each mixed-Cooperative Posse that finds themselves torn in too many directions and diluted in purpose, another finds themselves strengthened by the blending of ideas.

In game terms, a Posse is a group of 3-10 or so characters who work together. It also enables the pooling of certain merits. Posse members may combine the following merits: Allies, Esoteric Armory , Library, Retainer, Safe Place, Staff, Stockpile, and Sympathetic Monster. Players may belong to only one Posse.

Posses in Play



B.A.T.S. (Baltimore Anti-Teratos Squad) is a team of hunters who came together to pool their skills and resources in order to better combat monsters that stalk the night. Founded by some of the younger generation of Secret Barony members, the Squad uses more contemporary versions of time-honored methods and equipment favored by traditional Barony operatives. The team does not recruit exclusively from the Secret Barony, however; hunters from other groups who follow the same philosophy will be invited to join.
Faction Type: Posse



A rag-tag group of local business owners in the vicinity of the University of Maryland, dedicated to protecting their little corner of the commerce district from anything that dares crawl out of the sewers, beams down from the stars, or is accidentally summoned up in the midst of a drinking binge on Kilt Day.
Faction Type: Posse


The Interventionists

The Interventionists are a group of Redeemers and their associates who run a "farm" on Maryland's Eastern Shore. In reality, the farm is really just a cover to provide a place for those with supernatural abilities and those touched by the supernatural to put their life together before going out in the world - a supernatural rehab clinic, if you will.
Faction Type: Posse The Interventionists is a public faction, and is open to all players on the game.


St. Mary's Banner

(No overview provided.)
Faction Type: Posse


The Honorable Order of St. Quitera

Faction Type: Posse

Enlightened Others


Not everyone who is aware of the supernatural becomes a hunter. Even groups that are involved with and sometimes even combat monsters, can be considered hunters. In general, the various world governments are, in part, aware that there are things out there, even if the knowledge is classified and buried. Various other organizations, such as religious institutions, private corporations, and cults are aware of monsters.

This page contains NPC and staff-controlled factions, co-ops, and other groups that characters may interact with in the world.

Others in Play


Office of Exonormal Investigations

Classified at one of the highest possible levels, it's painfully hard to get information on the Office of Exonormal Investigations. The organization has been around long enough, however, that the hunter community has gathered some information. The group was created in the 80s, and while it's main purpose is to explore the supernatural on behalf of the US government, it started as a counter to possible Soviet incursion. The hunters also know full well that this group has access to the full extent of the federal government's information networks. Every odd report crosses their desks, and almost everyone and anyone is in one of the databases they can access. How the organization operates, however, remains a bit of a mystery.

Hunters tell stories of agents in black showing up just as something strange happens, as if they've always been there. Others report being approached by G-Men who offer various treats in exchange for information and work. They've made criminal records disappear, and cash appear in their place. The OEI will hire hunters to capture and/or eliminate monsters, while also paying for information. The group almost never shows up with it's own guns, and seems to rely upon hiring others, or using local SWAT teams under the guise of some other situation.

In Southern Maryland, two OEI agents have made themselves known, Special Agents Awad and Dewar. The pair are not regular figures on the scene, but when a situation gets particularly big, they'll often step in. Of course, there are enough big events in the area where they are absent to make the veteran hunters question whether OEI really is as omniscient as the gossips tell it. What is clear from when they do arrive, however, is that the group is not only invested in understanding and controlling monsters, but also keeping their existence hidden from the eyes of the public. No one needs to incite panic, after all.
Faction Type: Enlightened



Southern Maryland Industrial Technologies is a private biomedical and defense technology company, headquartered in National Harbor, MD. In the past two decades, SMIT has risen from a start up research firm to one of the largest and wealthiest companies in the world. To most of the world, SMIT works miracles. To those in the know, the group is divining it's secrets from the supernatural. The group is extremely protective and highly secretive, and very few know much about the inner workings of the company at all. What is known to hunters, however, is SMIT's Resource Acquisition and Retention Teams (SMIT RAR). SMIT RAR contains a number of different teams capable of finding, capturing, and retrieving monsters. SMIT RAR also has been known to contract out jobs to trusted assets in the field. Other hunters have seen the elite team of paramilitary men storm a building and take out whatever strange thing might be lurking inside.

Attitudes towards SMIT remains wholly mixed. Consensus is that they are rich, powerful, and not a group you want on your back side.

Something just feels off about Southern Maryland Industrial Technologies. Most people can feel it in their guts when they hear about SMIT's latest breakthrough. What it is, though? Well, the conspiracy theories are without limits. Are they aliens? Or just government agents using alien tech? Lizard people from millennia ago? Vampires? Or, maybe, they are simple proof that the state of science and technology in this country is far beyond what we read in the news. For some, SMIT is the good guy, finally releasing to the people what other organizations would have kept hidden away for another decade. In truth, SMIT is more than happy to let the conspiracy theories fly, and has even been party to expanding on some, from time to time. Plausible deniability is a wonderful thing.
Faction Type: Enlightened

Other Factions


Factions organized around themes not involving the hunt. This may be the employees of a business, a social group, or other faction, generally without any in-character benefits or system-based advantage.

Other Factions in Play

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