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Below are several of our most prominent house rules. Some rulings, which change game policy, may also be located in Policy. It is suggested that this section and any relevant links from this page be read in their entirety before character creation.

Bonded Animals

Any character who purchases an Animal Retainer of level equal to or less than their Animal Ken gains the Bonded Condition automatically. Otherwise, it is an extended Presence + Animal Ken roll with a penalty equal to the highest attribute of the animal, needing 5 successes, each roll is one week.



While Crossbows utilize the Firearms skill, any pull bow will use the Athletics skill, but are subject to the same rules in regarding Defense as Firearms.


Automatic Damage from a fighting merit is set at the type of damage (Aggravated, Lethal, or Bashing) and is not augmented by any powers.


A character who makes significant progress towards a Long Term Aspiration is awarded a Beat as if fulfilling a Short Term Aspiration.

Defense and Firearms

The Chronicles of Darkness rules are mildly contradictory on the application of Defense in Close Combat. Per page 88 "Defense does not apply against Firearms attacks.". However, page 90 says "Any firearm larger than Size 1 is too big to accurately shoot someone when fists and crowbars are the order of the day. In close combat, the target’s Defense against Firearms attacks is increased by the gun’s (Size +1)."

Now normally it wouldn't matter what your Defense is modified by as it would not apply.

On BITN, the ruling is: In close combat (within 3 meters or so), you replace your Defense with Size+1 of the Firearm. And yes, you may increase this with a Willpower and yes, you may opt to Dodge.

Lethal/Aggravated Attacks and Armor

An attack that inflicts lethal or aggravated damage before armor is applied can never be reduced to less than 1 Bashing

Martial Arts

  • The maneuver "The Hand As Weapon" allows a character to chose to perform lethal damage with an unarmed strike.
  • The maneuver "The Touch of Death" treats the character's unarmed attacks as a level 2 weapon, though the damage remains Bashing without "The Hand As Weapon".

Multiple Attacks

With the exception of autofire, it is not permitted to make multiple attacks on one's action. For this rule, any power or maneuver which causes damage counts as an attack.

Rote Actions

Rote Actions in combat obey the following rules. You must spend a willpower point to gain the bonus. You cannot apply your defense against any attacks in a turn in which you use Rote Actions. If you previously applied your defense, you may not use a Rote Action. You may not make a Targeted Attack with a Rote Action or use any maneuvers granted from a Style Merit. Rote Actions cannot be applied to supernatural power activations.

Street Fighting 5 (Last-Ditch Effort)

You need only have an injury in one of your last 3 health boxes to use this maneuver, you do not have to actually suffer wound penalties.

Dice Mechanics

The 8-again, 9-again, 10-again, No-Reroll, and Weak modifiers exist on a spectrum from most beneficial to most harmful. If a situation has multiple modifiers, start at 10-again and apply beneficial modifiers, then harmful modifiers to determine how to roll the dice. Should a character have the same modifier from two sources, move to the next most beneficial or harmful modifier. For example, if two distinct 9-again bonuses are added to a roll, roll with 8-again instead.


All non-automatic handguns in Chronicles of Darkness are considered availability 2, not just Revolvers.


  • The Material Vision numen works across the gauntlet in either direction.
  • Ephemerals may not be taken as Allies, Contacts, Mentors or Retainers.


The roll for Meditation is Resolve + Composure, not Wits+Composure



When purchasing a retainer, players may choose a number of skills for the retainer equal to their level. These are the retainers areas of expertise. When making rolls with these skills, a retainer rolls their Level x 2 dice. For all other rolls, they roll their rating instead. For resistance purposes, retainers are considered to have attributes equal to their Level-1, minimum 1. Retainers do not possess Merits or Experience Points. Any gear a retainer uses has an equipment and a damage rating of 0. Any increase in the retainers level adds an appropriate number of skills and recalculated dice pools.


Retainers are assumed to speak English. If you chose Academics as a skill, you may assign your retainer languages equal to their Dice Pool (Level x2).

Social Merits


Social Merits may be specialized into a Type, per below.

Allies and Status

All Favors and/or merit blocking from Allies (Type) or Status (Type) are drawn from one pool. If you have a Type, you get 2 additional favors that apply only to that type, and you may only take up to <Rating-2> favors outside of that type. No individual favor is over 5 levels.

EXAMPLE: Professor McGuffin has Allies (Academia - UMD) at 3. He wants to pull in some favors, both within and without of the University of Maryland. He may only call in the equivalent of 1 level of favor from outside of the University, however, and up to 4 from within. If Professer McGuffin did not call on any favors from without of the University, he could call upon 5 levels of favors.

For the purpose of Merit Blocking with Allies or Status, you may only block up to 5 dots of merits, period. However, a rating above 5 (via type) allows you to block other merits with an effective rating above 5. Effective Status within an organization caps at 5 for internal rank, and any bonuses from Type add to protection from tampering.


When using Contacts with a type, add the relevant +2 or -2 modifier to any roll to deal with your contacts.

See MUXnews:Social Merits and Influence Groups for details.

Telekinesis / Psychokinesis

Both of these merits allow for manipulation of objects/forces within 2 yards per dot of Willpower. If an object/force is projected outside of this range, then it will become subject to the normal laws of physics.


  • A Scene (Time wise) is one scene of RP, barring any location changes.
  • A Session is 1 week (seven days).
  • A Chapter is 1 calendar month.
  • A Story is 1 calendar month, unless it is being applied to an ongoing plot.