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Welcome to the landing page for Hurt Locker! Before you continue, please be aware of the current state that of Hurt Locker content, taking from 'news Hurt Locker'

Leading up to the release of Hurt Locker, we will be allowing players to utilize content from that book in a test phase. Any material from Hurt Locker can be found under the Hurt Locker menu on the wiki. Material is being implemented in phases.

  • Phase 1: Fighting Styles (Live 3/20/2016)
  • Phase 2: Fighting Merits (Live 3/28/2016)
  • Phase 3: Supernatural Merits (Live 3/28/2016)
  • Phase 4: Equipment and Range Bands (Live 3/29/2016)
  • Phase 5: Other Merits

In order to take a merit from this book, all XP spends must include a mention that characters have read to and agreed to the following: Any material from Hurt Locker is subject to change at any time, and will be reviewed and possibly removed from the game when the actual book is released. Any merit removed or altered is subject to Sanctity of Merits. Any spend which does not acknowledge having read the news file will be denied.

For more information, please see the following entries: