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The following cases are currently under investigation on BITN. All knowledge here is presumed to be OOC excluding those who are active participants in the investigation. Each clue will be tagged with who is aware of it.

Investigation on BITN

Investigations on BITN work exactly as outlined in Chronicles of Darkness, pg 77, with a few exceptions, outlined below. These exceptions are not meant to alter the nature or idea of investigations, but instead allow for an easier application to the MU setting.

Gathering Clues:

Only one clue investigation roll may be made per scene, regardless of how many people are participating in the investigation. Every participant will get the same clue (or, in the case of certain merits, the same clues).

Clues obtained via job will be limited as the ST sees fit for the story.

Investigation Roll:

In a group scene, players will make one teamwork roll. Select a primary actor, create a dice pool, and then allow each assistant to create their own dice pool. Assistants may use different skills, as their method of investigation may be different than the primary actors. Track all skills used.

The roll is completed as described in the CofD core book, and the resulting clue is added to each player as a note. The notes must contain:

  • The note within the "Clues" cateogry
  • The name of the mystery
  • The number of the clue
  • A brief description of the clue
  • The roll used to acquire the clue (make sure to require all skills used by assistants)
  • The number of elements contained in the clue.


note/add Sol Invictus/Clues=Finding God/Clue #1 - Sol Invictus, Infestissumam, and surreality have looked into rumors that SI is God, but found that it might have been a lie this whole time! (Int+Occult; Int+Investigation) -- 3 elements (1 + 2 specialties)

Multiple Actors:

If there are multiple players investigating in a scene, they will all receive the same clue note. If there are multiple players investigating independently, story tellers should seek to use as many of the same clues as possible. Everyone who tests the same blood sample should get the same result, for example. If players decide to combine clues as an attempt to solve the mystery, overlapping clues will not be counted multiple times.

Player STs:

If players are running mysteries and using the ST system, they can have set players set notes on themselves.

Some Advice

The Investigation system is designed as a storyteller tool. It can help streamline events, keep plots moving, and turn some aspects of a story over to sheets and dice. It is an IC/OOC tool. Clues do not have to be tangible objects and conclusions drawn do not always have to make sense on an immediate, personal level. If a player says they wish to talk to a witness and ask the witness about X, you may feel free to have them roll socialize and give them a clue about Y. After all, a character can be a professional investigator and think of things a player might not.