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This page hosts all log files, with the most recently entered appearing at the top. If you're looking for something more specific, try Logs by Category instead.

Current Game Logs

Jackson asks Jessica for some help and she offers another contact in return.
Cast: Jessica, Jackson
Max seeks out Jessica to try and get some information about Dream Walker
Cast: Jessica, Max
It's just a quiet night out on McKeldin Mall, with some people going to and fro on business and others out for fun and a laugh. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes... in the strangest of ways.
Cast: (Storyteller: PC:Maximillian_Cross) PC:Ever, PC:Regan_Calvert, PC:Emma_Reynolds
The populace of Southern Maryland experiences something life altering.
Cast: (Storyteller: Uriel) Cerise, Emma, Inky, Iris, Joey, Maximillian, Skye, Temathee, Wyatt
Finally making it back to the diner to catch up with Josephine, Jessica meets Jackson - a potential new source of info.
Cast: Jessica, Jackson, Josephine
After he successfully (eventually) wore her down, Austen meets Jackson for a drink.
Cast: Austen, Jackson
An early morning slap in the face leads to a local breakfast... and an invitation.
Cast: Austen, Jackson
Some of the locals head to a carnvial in Jessup, but the night goes horribly wrong.
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) PC:Charlie, Emma, Ever, Josephine, Inky, Maximillian, Pocket
Jessica visits the farm to hear about how the group are being harassed.
Cast: Jessica, Mirieli, Olivia
While staking out a slasher's neighborhood, Jessica gets some unexpected help to track the creature into the sewers.
Cast: (Storyteller: Jessica) Jessica, Kris
There's reports about a large shadowy creature that people go to investigate. Sadly, a car full of drunk kids come along and muck things up.
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) PC:Ariel Bell, PC:Casey Porter, PC:Ever, PC:Josephine Ovileau, PC:Kristopher Ericson, PC:Maximillian Cross
A random group of hunters finds themselves waking to a shared nightmare, where a dragon eats them.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Zakary, Essie, Zillah, Max, Regan, Suri
Tem meets Inky and Jo, professes her love, then goes check out houses with Inky. Fire may be involved.
Cast: (Storyteller: Inky) Jo, Inky, Temathee
An unfortunate convergence of weary travelers, an ancient horror, and gas station
Cast: (Storyteller: The Unconquered Sun) Wyat Fleet, Somerset M. Branwell, Angela Dempsey, Sparte Link Smith
A month ago, a man made a deal. Tonight's the night he pays.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Ever, Max, Regan, Josephine, Todd, Mirieli
Jen James coordinates a small group of hunters to finally eliminate the wererabbits from the woods north of Leonardtown... The group finds they are not wererabbits at all, but ZOMBUNNIES!
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Ever, Essie, Katrina, Max
Two men meet to conduct business and business turns sour. An attempted theft leads to a briefcase dropping, and a jar breaking. A spill. Bad luck, that. Kat gets some on her.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Anthony, Zakary, Katrina, Essie, Wyatt, Zillah
Don't go round tonight...
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Anthony. Katrina, Somerset, JC, Wyatt, Samael, Ryan
The world ends. It gets better?
Cast: (Storyteller: The Unconquered Sun) Cerise Mouser, Amelia Montague, Ewan Calvert, Window, Sparte Smith
Amelia and Ewan finally find each other after the frightening vision that was experienced by more than a few people. There's some revelations and some decisions.
Cast: Amelia, Ewan
Pollux and Recluse share code and talk about skip tracing, Jessica Jones, facial (and other) recognition software, and a pet project of Recluse's involving some mysterious graffiti.
Cast: Pollux, Recluse
Samael returns home to find a not so welcome presence.
Cast: (Storyteller: Joey) Samael
A group goes back to Point Lookout to see about more ghosts and entities.
Cast: (Storyteller: Samael) Jacob, Joey, Katrina, Olivia, Sascha
A local posse of hunters has gone missing, and another group gathers to find out what happened to them. Though unable to locate the missing hunters, the rescue team finds something... else.
Cast: (Storyteller: Anthony) Connor, Katrina, Tess, Maximillian, Essie, Wyatt, Todd
Regan hires an honest to goodness psychic to hold a seance for her deceased brother, Dustin.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Anthony, Regan, Ewan, Zakary, Katrina, Amelia
A non-corporate meeting between Joey and Anthony. Non-corporate plans are discussed.
Cast: Anthony, Joey
The Alley is focus of an explosion of color, chaos, and... glitter?
Cast: (Storyteller: Skye) Skye, Zillah, Joey, Genevieve, Katrina, Max, Regan, Zakary
A detective from MPD comes to visit the Interventionists and question them about possible corruption in the police force.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Cerise, Olivia, Mirieli
Wyatt and Sam return to the psychiatric ward to further their individual investigations into the oddities reported there, with Essie along for the ride, this time. And things.. kinda literally.. go up in flames.
Cast: (Storyteller: Aria) Sam, Wyatt, Essie
It's only time before Joey's lifestyle caught up to her... Fortunately for her, Kennedy has some special things about her.
Cast: (Storyteller: Joey) Kennedy, Joey
Jessica visits the farm and offers her assistance.
Cast: Jessica, Cerise, Olivia, Walker
Visiting 'The Interventionists', Jessica meets Joey and then they both have to deal with an angry Olivia.
Cast: Jessica, Joey, Olivia
As more and more people crowd into Jessica's tiny flat, cases are discussed and people get to know each other.
Cast: Josephine, Steele, Jessica, Tara
Josephine returns to the diner after leaving hospital and Jessica learns about clowns.
Cast: Josephine, Mirieli, Maximillian, Jessica
Jessica seeks out Maximillian about a strange crate found in a long forgotten storage room.
Cast: Jessica Jarvis, Maximillian Cross
Josephine is crashing at Jessica's while recovering from her gunshot wounds. A recovery that is unusually quick.
Cast: Josephine, Jessica
A group goes to investigate a rumor that leads them to finally seeing the Crab People. No one dies!
Cast: (Storyteller: Samael) Katrina, Anthony, Connor Essie, Josephine, Suri, Todd, Zachariah
Some friends and a stranger have a messy and spooky encounter.
Cast: (Storyteller: Aisha) Josephine, Maximillian, Tomas, Sascha
After the ghost of Skye's mother appears, there are questions, and consequences.
Cast: Zakary, Zillah
Zakary gets a visit at his shop, from the ghost of the man he inadvertently killed.
Cast: (Storyteller: Skye) Ever, Zakary, Zillah, Regan, Maximillian
The Black dog shows itself again.
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) Eleanor, Essie, Joey, Rachel
A small group gets together to be craftsy in preparation for Cinco de Mayo, and receive an unexpected and ghostly guest with a warning.
Cast: (Storyteller: Skye) Zillah, Zakary, Regan
Social scene in Jo's Diner, wherein the curse of Saturday strikes Zakary once again.
Cast: Aria, Zakary, Josephine, Regan, Zillah
Joey shows up at Dr. Ozier's offices at the Naval Academy to ask for her help in possible future investigations as a 'sciencey' person.
Cast: Ruth Ozier,Joey Winter
Barrack Y have an impromptu cook-out on the roof of Steele's building to mingle and remind themselves they're alive and that might change quickly in this lifestyle.
Cast: (Storyteller: Steele) Steele, JJ, Ellie, Sam, McQuaid, Simi
A group of Hunters go on an investigation. And it goes bad towards the end.
Cast: (Storyteller: Samael) Zakary, Todd, Josephine, Katrina, Connor, Joey, Anthony, Trip, Emma, Joan
They have the answer to finding Anna... if they're willing to pay the rusalka's price for her return.
Cast: (Storyteller: ES) Elliot, Max, Marietta, Steele
Jessica goes up to the farm to see how Olivia is going and hears about a strange drug.
Cast: Jessica, Olivia Morales
As part of her medical leave requirements, Jessica turns up for her first session with Dr. Collins
Cast: Jessica, Keira
A group of not-so-raver sleuths launch an investigation into the rumors of disappearances at a Glen Burnie rave club.
Cast: (Storyteller: Aria) Hani, Connor, Steele, Essie, Aisha
After many failed pairings, the MSPD finally finds Eleanor a partner she might be able to get along with.
Cast: Earl, Eleanor
A small congregation in La Plata calling itself the Church of Light schedules a public exorcism. Hunters catch wind and attend the ceremony; chaos ensure.
Cast: (Storyteller: Anthony) Essie, Maximillian, Greer Chloe, Josephine, Bruce, Abney
Jessica seeks out a former CI to help with the InSecure investigations
Cast: Buddy, Jessica
After sharing some information with Natalie, Jessica tells Tara about her past. Tara's reaction is quite extreme.
Cast: Jessica Jarvis, Tara Simms, Natalie Scherbatsky
Jessica has been asked to find out what she can about Charles' criminal past...and to ask him if he likes someone. High school all over again.
Cast: Charles, Jessica, Tara
Jessica trains Tara in the art of self-defense...though Tara seems to know most of it already.
Cast: Tara, Jessica
Jessica catches up with the Steele 'family'. Claire is all grown up!
Cast: Steele, Claire, Winifred, Jessica
Joey and Zak check into a motel in Virginia during their roadtrip. Unfortunately the motel is haunted.
Cast: (Storyteller: Anthony) Joey, Zakary
Zakary Daggett and John Steele don't get along very well. Thus, by accident or by design, a pair of strangers are hired to pay John Steele an unexpected visit...
Cast: (Storyteller: Zakary) Steele, Jane Jones
A group of online 'celebrity' ghost hunters and a few local 'experts' go on a trek into an abandoned old home that turns out to be haunted in a seriously scary way and not accidentally. Terror ensues, along with two deaths.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Greer Dubh, Essie Windham, Ellic Young, John Steele
An Earth Day party at Eclectic Alley combines with the return of Kilt Day, making for some general wackiness.
Cast: (Storyteller: Skye) Zillah, Alice, Joey, Emma, Somerset, Josephine, Zakary, Mirieli, Regan, Riley, Andromeda
Olivia enlists the aid of Jace to fix her dinosaur of a laptop, Connor gets them something more.
Cast: Olivia, Jace, Connor
The diner has opened under new management and a motley crew check it out.
Cast: Josephine Ovileau, Tara Simms, Maximillian Cross, Natalie Scherbatsky, Jessica Jarvis
Over Easter, a disparate group encounter something evil on campus.
Cast: Jessica Jarvis, Maximillian Cross, Olivia Morales
A chance meeting at a university cafe ends up revealing secrets and pushing one of them over the edge.
Cast: Jessica Jarvis, Olivia Morales
While hanging out, separately, at a roadside diner, a group of Hunters encounter strange employees of a strange company.
Cast: (Storyteller: Sol Invictus) Jessica Jarvis, Wyatt Fleet, Natalie Scherbatsky, Rashawn Kenway
Some suits show up to offer Cerise a deal... keep your nose out of our business and we'll make your criminal charges go away.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Cerise, Olivia, Mirieli
Jo returns home after her abduction, winds down and ends up with a new part-time job.
Cast: Josephine, Anthony
A group of individuals awaken in a windowless room in a building with no idea why they were taken, by whom, and with seemingly no escape route - except for a curious glass panel in the ceiling...
Cast: (Storyteller: Skye) Buddy, Josephine, Wyatt, Zakary
A few hunters pick up a Bounty.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Greer, Buddy
Two of the law enforcement personnel who visited The Building to retrieve Sydney are summoned to a hipster bar on false pretenses. There they find Roger Green, who has an ultimatum from the building administrators.
Cast: (Storyteller: Clarence) Keira, Eleanor
After a very, very bizarre night, Arwen is left alone at the farm, waiting to see who might show up. Turns out, it's the fuzz.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Arwen
After getting tangled in something nasty, Olivia, Cerise, and Mirieli are stuck at the police department. They're eventually questioned, and Cerise is charged and sent to jail. Poor Cerise!
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Cerise, Olivia, Mirieli
..and Todd is good at finding things, especially on Google. Erego Todd is a Hufflepuff.
Cast: Chloe, Connor, Todd
B.A.T.S. and a couple of their allies go on their first rescue/combat mission.
Cast: (Storyteller: Anthony) Anthony, Katrina, Connor, Tess, Trip, Amelia
The Alley makes another appearance. But others aren't so receptive to it.
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) Arwen, Essie, Genevieve, Mirieli, Olivia, Rachel, Sam, Wyatt
Go directly to jail. Do not pass go.
Cast: (Storyteller: Player of Natalie) Mirieli, Walker, Cerise, Olivia, Arwen
A small group of curious parties check out the rumors of strange occurrences - and a death! - at the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital psychiatric ward.
Cast: (Storyteller: Aria) Wyatt, Winifred, Sam, Jace and Abney
The second team goes out to Zekiah Swamp and someone gets pulled under.
Cast: (Storyteller: Greer) Buddy, Essie, Joey, Tara
Chloe comes into The Last Page looking for a job and winds up catching up on Arwen's latest investigation.
Cast: Arwen, Chloe
The Alley makes it debut.
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) Buddy, Cerise, Connor, Joey, Skye
The mysterious redhead turns up again, along with potentially corrupt police and a small army of suits.
Cast: (Storyteller: Player of Natalie) Mirieli, Walker, Cerise, Olivia, Arwen
Essie, Joey and Toni do a little psychic sleuthing after Joey steals the Navy man's gun!
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) Essie, Joey, Toni
While out doing mundane things there's a bit of an altercation in front of The Dragonfly. And something strange seems to be happening.
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) Anthony, Aria, Connor, Essie, Joey, Josephine, Katrina, Maximillian, Toni
A group of hunters take a bounty from a pair of federal agents. They are to go into the woods and find evidence of a sasquatch. They get lost, wounded, and have to call for help. Great success!
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Aria, Elliot, Tara, Buddy
A cop, a medic, a social worker, and a shrink walk into an elevator. It's not the beginning of a joke, but of a nightmare. Sent to get a minor from his mother to deliver to his father, something in that building is very, very wrong.
Cast: (Storyteller: Clarence) Eleanor, Keira, Renee , Sam
The Knights of Saint George get together to provide information about what's happening on others Home Turfs and what's up in general.
Cast: Greer, Hailey, Jude, Abney
A gathering of an eclectic group in Eclectic Alley, in which there is much drinking... and an apology wang.
Cast: (Storyteller: Skye) Zakary, Riley, Zillah Liam, Chloe, Hani, Joey, Steele, Eleanor, Clarence, Keira, Somerset, Juliette, Winifred, and Essie
Arwen and Walker go digging for treasure in a haphazardly built storage unit center.
Cast: (Storyteller: Player of Natalie) Arwen, Walker
A group of hunters get together to start the long investigation of Zekiah Swamp.
Cast: (Storyteller: Greer) Aisha, Anthony, Connor, Joey, Katrina, McQuaid, Rudy
Eleanor chases down a small thread of a lead on the long cold Origami Killer case. Sam has answers, and an offer of help.
Cast: (Storyteller: Eleanor) Eleanor, Sam
Eleanor, Steele, and Sam drive out to Poughkeepsie, NY, to interview the children of a detective who nearly caught the Origami Killer seven years ago, before losing his mind.
Cast: (Storyteller: Eleanor) Eleanor , Steele , Sam
A few people are hanging out in Jo's Diner when lights go weird and rather suddenly no one can remember the man that just went to the bathroom to take a leak. Meanwhile, in outer space, Wyatt gets brain drilled by a worm. Oh, and Cerise has amnesia!
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Wyatt, Cerise, Mirieli, Olivia, Amelia, Joey
A small group of individuals convene, whether by accident or design, and look into the illnesses being reported among occupants of the Rosewood Gardens Apartment complex.
Cast: (Storyteller: Aria) Wyatt, Hani, Essie, Hailey and Abney
Two hackers meet in actual living, breathing face-time. Gasp.
Cast: Jace, Genevieve
A group of hunters take up watch at Calvert Cliffs where some deaths have been happening.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Connor, Greer, Winifred, Tess,
Natalie finally contacts the FBI agents, only to find out they work for the Office of Exonormal Investigations, and they have news about her cousin.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Natalie
Three amigas go grave robbing. They find buried treasure.
Cast: (Storyteller: The Unconquered Sun) Cerise Mouser, Dakota Kensington and Joey Winter
Cerise receives a text from a lawyer in Baltimore with unusual information.
Cast: (Storyteller: The Unconquered Sun) Cerise Mouser
With Walker now a wanted man, the group brings their ill-gotten gains back to the Redeemer farm and crack it open for a look. Walker calls in a friend for help.
Cast: (Storyteller: Player of Natalie) Mirieli, Walker, Olivia, Arwen
Mirieli, Olivia and Walker continue chasing down leads, but there's a hefty cost.
Cast: (Storyteller: Player of Natalie) Mirieli, Walker, Olivia
Mirieli, Olivia and Walker chase down a lead on the mysterious redhead from the other night. Their attempts at espionage go sideways. Guest appearance by Cerise.
Cast: (Storyteller: Player of Natalie) Mirieli, Walker, Cerise, Olivia
A car wreck on a county road prompts investigation.
Cast: (Storyteller: Player of Natalie) Mirieli, Walker
A small group of intrepid hunters investigate the rumors of disappearances at the St. Andrews Landfill.
Cast: (Storyteller: Aria) Wyatt, Elliot, Essie, Toni (briefly) and Abney
Jace and two helpful neighbors discover that his grandfather's packrat tendencies might have been more problematic than he'd realized.
Cast: (Storyteller: Skye) Liam, Jace and Riley
A bunch of girls go to the park for a bit of Full Moon fun. Well...it's not fun. Nope.
Cast: (Storyteller: Greer) Joey, Toni, Claire, Aria, Greer, Essie, Josephine, Elliot
Rumors of the Goatman's return were not that exagerated
Cast: (Storyteller: The Unconquered Sun) Natalie, Max, Greer, Alice, Wyatt
A college student finds a claw that shouldn't be around. People respond and investigate.
Cast: (Storyteller: Greer) Cerise, Connor, Natalie, Wyatt, Steele
Tara finds something unexpected while out shopping.
Cast: (Storyteller: Natalie) Tara
Three of the investigators who ran from the carnivorous bunnies meet to discuss going back.
Cast: Eleanor , Elliot, Tara
A robbery turns bloody. These clowns aren't clowning around. Get it?!
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Amelia, Aria, Hani, Jace, Josephine
What happens when a prank goes too far? A Mrs. Johns-Calvert has had her prize horse stolen, and is willing to pay top dollar for it's return. The issue, however, is what could take a half-ton beast without leaving a trace? Imaginary friends. That's what.
Cast: (Storyteller: Inky) Love Jones, Drew
(Some of) Our intrepid heroes trek off into the woods to search for some missing hikers.
Cast: (Storyteller: ES) Elliot, Max, Marietta, Natalie, Steele
Max and Marietta visit the rusalka to strike a bargain.
Cast: (Storyteller: ES) Max & Marietta
Something goes a bit weird on April Fool's Day.
Cast: (Storyteller: Greer) Anthony, Elliot, Inky, Skye, Steele, Winifred, Abney
After two homeless men are abducted from outside the S-Mart, Toni Winter tails them to the house they've holed up. She alerts her friends and allies, and the cavalry charges to the rescue!
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Joey Winter, Simon Maas, John Steele, Greer Dubh, Toni Winter
A few hunters happen to at S-Mart when a homeless man starts screaming about the devil! A few very stinky men assist some different homeless men into a van, and then stuff just gets weird.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Toni Winter, Greer Dubh, Wyatt Fleet, Natalie Scherbatsky, Esmeralda Windham, Connor Burke, Skye McNaughton
A few of the locals answer a call from Jen James of the CML. They delve into an old, abandoned house, and find out exactly what's making that scritching noise in the walls.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Greer, Simon, Steele
A big step for Olivia as Walker trains her to control her ability.
Cast: Walker, Olivia
There's more weirdness going on in the Chesapeake Bay. This time a boy almost loses his leg.
Cast: (Storyteller: Amelia Montague) Amelia, Anthonyy, Cerise, Connor, Essie, Inky, Joey, Skye, Wyatt
Greer marks something off of her bucket list...and gets a warning along with it.
Cast: Greer
Strange reports are coming from the farms outside Leonardtown... Dead cattle, odd sounds in the night, attack bunnies. A group of hunters gathers to investigate the rumors, and upon finding evidence of some nasty attacks, they notice too many pairs of eyes staring at them from the woods. The hunters bravely run away.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Charles, Tara, Eleanor, Elliot, Olivia
Eleanor checks out a local diner. Jo needs shoes. Connor likes pie.
Cast: Connor, Eleanor , Jo
It's time to practice hand-to-hand combat. Tess finds out that the superior fighter sometimes fall to dirty-fighting. (Note: Dice Rolls removed)
Cast: Anthony, Tess
Anthony visits Amelia months after his brothers death. It doesn't go so bad.
Cast: Amelia, Anthony
Zombeavers killed a park ranger and his body was taken to the coroner's office. If only he'd have had the decency to stay dead. The coroner calls in a few "experts" to handle the situation.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Walker, Cerise, Natalie

[OOC] Matthew says, "Son of a..."

[OOC] Joan says, "Matthew, you're setting the forest on fire"
[OOC] Rashawn dies laughing.
[OOC] Joey says, "fuck this whole fight in the butt."
[OOC] Matthew says, "I'M ON PAROLE"
[OOC] Yung says, "Oh my."
[OOC] Joan says, "And Rash bleeds out"

Cast: (Storyteller: Joan) Joey, Rashawn, Matthew, Natalie, Yung
An camp out of touch for days makes for nervous hunters gone to check out what's up. They end up finding the campers. Of course, they're all shuffling zombies now.
Cast: (Storyteller: Joan) Rashawn, Connor, Wyatt, Steele
Wyatt gets a call, a little girl has a bad day
Cast: (Storyteller: God) Wyatt
A Steele family outing leads to explosions and assault.
Cast: (Storyteller: Joan) Steele, Claire
Jen James of the CML puts in a call for hunters to investigate some strange reports out in the forests of St. Mary's River State Park.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Joan Dark, Wyatt Fleet, Esmeralda Windham
A group of hunters respond to a call to a possible incident... and find SMIT is already there, boxing them out.
Cast: (Storyteller: Infestissumam) Maximillian Cross, Winifred Harrison, Steele, Claire Steele, Cerise Mouser, Toni Winter
Olivia is brought to the Redeemers to see if they can help her with her unique problem.
Cast: Cerise Mouser, Jessica Jarvis, Olivia Morales, and Joseph Walker
A group of hunters happen upon a college student in distress. What they find is quite freaky.
Cast: (Storyteller: Simon) Simon, Greer, Essie, Anthony
Wyatt meets Olivia, and gets her phone number! *GASPS*
Cast: Olivia, Wyatt
A trio of unli´kely agents from varying levels of the educational system visit the oldest graveyard in the state.
Cast: (Storyteller: Joan) Wyatt Tucker Claire
Anthony swings by DV Family Automotive to ask Liam about some custom modifications.
Cast: Liam, Anthony
Wyatt and Liam wait together for their daughters and get to know each other a bit.
Cast: Wyatt, Liam
The lost daughter of the Calvert clan returns home, and finds pain and despair in the house.
Cast: Anthony, Regan
The joys of finding your daughter come to move in with her father for college and her mother forgot to mention this tidbit to him. Surprise!
Cast: John Steele,Claire Steele
Tucker gets to meet two of the older residents of the campus and talks about some life points.
Cast: Greer, Tucker Wyatt
A bunch of people getting together at a place that has a mechanical bull!
Cast: Joey, Anderson, Claire, Wyatt, Greer
Greer gets to meet Wyatt in a really weird conversation.
Cast: Greer, Wyatt
Simon Maas request all archived documents on the town of Laurel, trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious supposed haunting of The Colonel's House.
Cast: (Storyteller: Joan) Simon
Ashley Ritter breaks into the Colonel's Manor to try and confirm the haunting of the place, after searching through the rooms he encounters something which atleast seems, very much supernatural.
Cast: (Storyteller: Joan) Ashley
Joey and Simon are having a conversation on campus that Greer overhears. Investigation happens.
Cast: Joey, Simon, Greer
Simon and Joey are both out scouting some rumors of mauled pets. After Joey fails to walk across a porch, the pair teams up and does, eventually, put eyes on their monster. Gross.
Cast: (Storyteller: Simon) Doc P, Ms Winter
Staff hosts a Q&A with the new players
Cast: User:Sol Invictus
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.
Cast: (Storyteller: Surreality) Wiki Wench, Bossman, Test Monkey