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Bump in the Night is a Chronicle of Darkness (formerly New World of Darkness 2nd Edition) game set in Southern Maryland in the modern day.

Player Characters on BITN are humans, mere mortals (or on occasion, psychics and the minorly gifted) who are aware of, and concerned with, The Supernatural. The protagonists of BITN are those who have been exposed to the horrors that lurk in the dark. Some are victims of the horrors out there, having survived and escaped the monsters and looking for justice, or revenge. Some are civil servants who have uncovered the truth. Others still are scholars or persons of faith who stumbled on the truth, and seek to study or destroy it.

The aim for Bump in the Night is to tell exciting, pulse pounding horror stories of taking the fight to (or sometimes simply escaping from) the monsters of the world. Staff and player-STs will provide both one off Monster of the Week plots and longer term arcs. During downtime, players will be free to socialize and RP across our grid.

To connect to our game: bitnmux.com:2860

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