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Misha Morosov
It doesn’t matter how many languages you are fluent in, or how many years ahead you were when you obtained your first masters, or how infallible your ability to recite details may be… when you look liked Ms. Morosov, you will find the scientific community has trouble taking you seriously. And that is why you fall in league with men like Dr. Long, who are painfully critical, but entirely driven by merit. Ms. Morosov is looking to spend a few years working, and earning a wage, and figuring out just what the hell that thing she saw that one night was. Once she’s got her answers, and some spare money, she’ll finish up her PhD.
Dr. Michael Park aka “Big Mike”
After his PhD at Cal, Big Mike went to work for one of the top pharmaceutical companies. He impressed everyone, and soon money was raining down on him from every which way. He had his name on many new patents and many new drugs. He was truly a prodigy. Of course, he never wanted much to do with money, and didn’t really like corporate life. No, his passion was the outdoors! And football (both the American and the other kid). Big Mike ended up working for Dr. Long because it was exciting. Because it appealed to his curiosity. And, best of all, he never had to stand before some ridiculous “ethics boards”.
Dr. Richard Long
It takes a special kind of person to live their whole life as “Dick Long”. Dr. Richard Long is, indeed, that special kind of person. He’s a man that simply doesn’t get it, and doesn’t care. His reality is one step to the side of everyone else’s. Not to say he’s entirely sterile, or dry, or doesn’t appreciate humor. It’s just that his jokes are a little off. Chemical formulas that are anagrams for words. Now that’s funny. Actually creating Schroedinger’s box? Hilarious! Dick jokes? Not funny. Genius is close to madness, after all, and Dr. Long is no exception. He is scattered. He goes on tangents. He can get extremely agitated very quickly. It’s not his fault the world can’t keep up.

Barrack Y

Lieutenant Grace Collins, Ret.
Grace Collins was a 33 year veteran of the Maryland State Police, and one of the first black women to reach the rank of Lieutenant in the force. A former commander of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Collins was never exposed to anything overtly supernatural during her career, which is exactly how Barrack Y wanted it to be. However, upon her retirement, she was speaking at a local law enforcement conference when a family friend who was young Trooper came to her with questions about the things they had already seen. This led to Grace making inquiries on her own. Now, though she is officially retired, she has enough pull and influence to be a member of Barrack Y.
Trooper First Class Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith is a 5 year MSP veteran with an exemplary record for valor and conduct. While some of his compatriots jokingly refer to Smith as "Captain America", the truth is that Smith just wants to make the world a better place. He is not the best investigator in the MSP (or Barrack Y), but his level head and strong moral compass have led him up the ranks. While he is mildly uncomfortable with doing off the books work, he recognizes the necessity to keep some things secret.
Detective Sergeant Alvin John "AJ" Parker
A 19 year veteran, Det. Sergeant Parker has seen the worst things there are to see, acts of evil committed by man and monster alike. A bit of an eccentric, Parker joined Barrack Y in 2000, before he even became an investigator, after he uncovered a group of mole-men who were murdering drug dealers for their supply. Parker is a bit of a curmudgeon, with little faith in humanity and even less in the other creatures out there. But he is damned good at his job.

Chesapeake Marksmanship League

Jorge Costa
A mechanic living in Anne Arundel county, Jorge was living the American dream. He had a wife, a house, a car, a job… he had everything all set. He and his wife were even planning on starting a family soon, until a man who was very much not sent from the electrical company entered their home. Jorge was a suspect in his wife’s murder for some time, but ultimately there was no evidence suggesting he could have actually created the damage to her body. No, only a wild bear could do that. Jorge was contacted by the CML and quickly joined their ranks. He’d not be caught so unprepared again.
Jen James
Who’d have thought YouTube star Jen James, known for her How-Tos on prepping and suburban survival, was actually preparing to fight monsters? Well, no one that wasn’t a member of the CML, that’s to be sure. Jen’s parents were two of the first members to join the CML, and they made sure their daughter knew everything they had to teach. Now, her instructional videos pay the bills, and ensure she has enough rounds for her beloved Colt Army that no infiltrators get away.
Alice Vesely
Mrs. Vesely’s late husband was the first president of the CML. He was the driving force behind it’s creation, and he was the man to discover just how bad the infiltrators had gotten around DC and Baltimore. He wanted to exclude his dear wife, but that didn’t last too long, and soon Alice was at his side. She’s served as president on and off over the years, generally stepping in when a crisis causes a president to suddenly leave (death being a top cause). She’s taken over in relatively peaceful time, the previous president having completed his term to full and simply not wanting another round at it. She’s a kind enough woman, but is quick to turn cold and mean. It happens, after finding wolves amongst the sheep for half a century.

Diamondback Order

William Kerabatsos aka “Slick Willy”
Oh. My. God. William shut up! This kid - a sophomore at UMD - can talk, and talk, and talk. He seems to have no social intelligence, when it comes to things like how close to stand, when it’s a good time to leave, or, yes, when to stop talking. Still, he’s a newcomer to the organization, and so far has been proving himself worth the burden of putting up with him. He’s no one’s favorite, but he’s got the internet searches down, and despite being unaware of how much he’s annoying people, he is still incredibly observant. Wait, what if he knows how much he’s annoying people...
Dr. Debbie Schwartz
A professor of environmental studies at UMD, Dr Schwartz has been working at compiling data related to the monstrous. Where they congregate, where they originate, where they’re sighted. It’s her long term goal to build statistical models to better predict where the Order should be patrolling. Of course, the fact that Dr. Schwartz is a gun enthusiast and certificate range instructor might go further to explain why she’s gained so much popularity in the short year she’s been in the order. She’s tough, she’s smart, she’s fun. She’s also been “jokingly” voted as most likely to quit her day job and go hunter full-time.
Vishram Randhawa
Mr. Randhawa has been elected to a 2-year term as faculty/alumnus head of the Diamondback Order, and is drawing to the end of his first year. Vishram is a professor of fine art, with a specialty in painting. He’s not the usual type when one considers college professors, nor is he the usual sort when one considers hunters. In his late 50s, Vishram has been hunting longer than he’s been teaching. It started back in India, where his father taught him, just as his father taught him, and his father taught… etc. Vishram is a man who sees beauty in life, who sees color in all things, who is happy and smiling, and who feels the burden of having to kill, when he’s much rather let live.

The Knights of Saint George

Marshall Brown
There are mean old bastards, and then there’s Marshall Brown. The retiree moved to St. Mary’s county to get away from it all and finally have a nice quiet slice of land for himself. With a pension from both the army and the US postal service, he was set for life. Of course, nothing messes with one’s solitude like finding out monsters are real. So, Marshall Brown got out his most favorite rifle and bulls-eyed a werewolf from two hundred yards away, and ever since he’s been looking for answers. He’s just recently arrived at the Knights, and while he isn’t much for fast movement, a good pair of eyes and a good rifle means he doesn’t much have to run.
Mary Walters
Miss Mary Walters started attending St. Mary’s Catholic Church after a particularly messy divorce. It was a case of young love, and a navy man rushing to get a ring on a finger before he set sail. After the fight, and Mary was left with nothing but someone else’s last name and a few dollars, she was eager to find a family, a community, and a place to be. She found the church, and the young woman fell in with the Knights. She quickly took on a role that the others shamelessly describe as “group mom”. A baker by day, she feeds and comforts the troops by night, and her presence in the organization has been truly invaluable. Someone needs to think of all the little, human things the big bad monster hunters forgot.
Father Ignacio Varela
Still a young man, when compared to the aging population of Catholic priests, Father Varela is in his early 40s, yet the energy with which he moves belongs to someone far younger. Father Varela arrived in St. Mary’s county and immediately began to spread the knowledge he had gained from years of monster hunting. He is a teacher, a trainer, a fighter, and a scholar. Of course, no one can be the whole talent, and Varela has gained a reputation as being intentionally cold, dismissive, and even cruel when things do not go his way, and especially when he’s proven wrong.

The Secret Barony

Craig Carter
Craig Carter was a bit of a wild child in his youth, and, rather than send him off to prep school his wealthy parents forced him to volunteer at a horse ranch. This gave the young ruffian some direction, and when he was in his late teens, it was suggested that he volunteer at the Maryland Renaissance festival, where he learned jousting and became quite skilled. Now in his late 20s, Craig works the Renaissance festival in season, and has been recruited to put his skills to use for more than show the rest of the year.
Willa Bunker
Always a bit of a tomboy, Willa Bunker was far more interested in tools and weapons than dresses and dolls. Learning from her father, a hobbyist, Willa became a skilled blacksmith, able to make mundane items as well as functional swords and armor. As she grew more renowned among those who take use of such items, Willa was courted by the Secret Barony and inducted in 2003. Now nearly 40, the woman is the primary armorer for the entire Barony, though she still goes to fairs when time permits.
Lord Thomas Q. Calvert, 13th Baron Baltimore
Thomas Quentin Calvert was born into the Barony and raised from childhood knowing that there is more in this world than what science and history tell. Trained since he was a young man in the sword and lance, Thomas spent much of his life anything but an idle leader. Now in his late 60s, however, he realizes he is certainly not cut out for hard riding, much less engaging with monsters on the battlefield. While grown weaker of body, Baron Baltimore’s mind is still sharp as ever. By day, Thomas is merely a retired equities trader, having spent his life in the upper echelons of society, he now relaxes on his ranch.

The Redeemers

Stephen Johansson, LSCSW
Stephen was going to change the world, one child at a time. A recent graduate of Stony Brook University, he had all the tools he needed to make a difference. Of course, nothing in the entire SUNY educational system could have prepared Stephen for what he found one fateful night. Sometimes troubled children don’t just need structure, or love, or even medication. Sometimes they need something a bit more esoteric… especially when they won’t stop eating people. Stephen was aided by the Redeemers then, and quickly gave up everything he had to join their ranks. Now, despite the trauma, he’s still bright-eyed, hopeful, and infinitely eager to change the world.
Adib Maroun
Born and raised in America, Adib’s parents made sure he knew of his culture, and of the suffering of his people. He was taken to Palestine a dozen times before university to see it first hand. It’s surely that exposure that pushed him to get a degree in political science, and then to join the US Peace Corps. During his decade of service, he came into contact with the Redeemers, and slowly became a follower of their philosophies. He joined as a full member, and have spent half a decade pursuing monsters on US soil, attempting to bring peace wherever it could be found.
Jessica Kato (Major, USAF, Retired)
Jessica (who still bristles a bit when addressed as “Major Kato”) served 12 years in the US Air Force. It was familial, her father had been Air Force, and his father before him. She was happy to serve, and proud of her achievements, for the first half dozen years in the Air Force. After a promotion and a transfer to a new facility, she began to see things, to discover things, to be forced to confront things she wasn’t quite prepared for. Jessica left the service and joined up with the Redeemers. She’s seen the worst of war and decided there needs to be a better path. Even then, she still has the military in her blood, and she has a much more martial view of the world than most of her peers. The result is an emphasis on rapid and safe apprehension, and if a monster spends a few weeks or months locked up before the rehabilitators can get to it… well… that happens.

Office of Exonormal Investigations

Special Agent Sana Awad
Like many of the other agents of the OEI, Agent Awad was working elsewhere in the federal government when she first encountered the supernatural. She was transferred from the DEA to the OEI, and with the promise of learning the truth of the world, she was happy to do so. Since then she’s been a near embodiment of the OEI’ ethos. Overworked, underpaid, frustrated by the walls her own government puts into place, yet Agent Awad is driven by a true desire to discover what is out there, and to help. She is sarcastic at times, and grumpy at others, but overall attempts to be helpful and nice enough.
Special Agent Charlie Dewar
Agent Dewar thinks the supernatural is awesome. He loves that his job is so full of excitement and mystery. His ideal night is spent chasing a werelizard through a dark warehouse. Of course, all of this has meant Agent Dewar has spent a fair bit of time in the hospital with no way to explain what happened. Still, he is as excitable and headstrong as ever. Partnered with Agent Awad, he lends a certain buoyancy to her grump.


Ms. Julie Wilde, SMIT RAR, Communications
When Ms. Wilde first applied for a position in SMIT’s public affairs division, it’s safe to say she was not expecting to be tracking down monsters or hiring mercenaries to take them out. There’s no way you prepare for that kind of career shift. Yet, since her first taste of the truth, and SMIT’s awe-inspiring ability to handle it, she was hooked. Ms. Wilde now wears many hats within the organization. Formally, it’s her job to negotiate with other humans when the RAR team is activated. Mostly, this means preparing for an operation and handling any humans that see things they ought not. But, as a 5-year veteran, this job has expanded to include tasks such as keeping in contact with the various hunter groups of Southern Maryland. Overall, she’s quite agreeable, and tends to play the role of good cop. She comes off as approachable, honest, open, and friendly enough. In her eyes, SMIT has money and resources to spare, so why not spread it about with individuals that cooperate? Of course, Ms. Wilde does have the benefit of being able to call in the bad cop when her angle doesn’t work. She’s also been lucky enough to avoid anything truly mind-shredding or heart-attack inducing. What happens when that changes? That’s to be decided.
Mr. Efrain Vega, SMIT RAR, Acquisition. USMC, Ret.
Mr. Vega spent seven years in the US Marine Corps Force Recon division before taking a more lucrative (and exciting) position with Blackwater (aka Xe Services, and Academi). As a private contractor, Vegas was given better toys, and didn’t quite have to follow the same rules of engagement as the Marines did. After some messy incidents, Vega’s team was pulled back to the US, and the organization had intended to make him into an instructor for new recruits. That wasn’t exciting. That wasn’t fun. So when an agent from SMIT RAR contacted Vega, he was quick to take the job offer. Now, Vegas is the lead of RAR Team 4, which is one of three teams stationed near the company headquarters in Southern Maryland. Vega is a fun guy, especially when he’s drinking. He loves music, dancing, telling jokes, doing shots, and enjoying the company of a lady. Of course, when he works, he turns into something else, something that surely descended from a cat and not a monkey. He turns quiet, calculating, and cold. He simply does his job with brutal efficiency.