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What follows is a list of all policies enforced on Bump in the Night. It is expected that players will have read these. In any violation of written policy, ignorance will not be accepted as a valid reason, though it may be a mitigating factor.


Adult Content

BITN is a game for adults, with themes and images of a mature nature.

As such, it is not unlikely or unallowed for roleplay of a sexual or violent nature to occur. However, we do ask that you respect your fellow players. Before engaging in any sexually explicit roleplay, please receive OOC consent from everyone involved or who is in the location of the scene.

Likewise, violence is a common occurance in the IC reality of our Chronicle. While the existence of violence does not require consent, please note that all Players have the right to limit the amount of actively roleplayed violent descriptors.

Discussions of an explicit sexual or violent nature should not be held on public channels or out of character areas.

Staff or Player-Run plots that are expected to contain mature themes should be labled as such whenever possible, though all players should be aware that this is a World of Darkness game, and mature themes can occur without warning.

The following policies apply to posting adult content on the wiki:

  • Logs which contain mild nudity or innuendo do not require labling as NSFW
  • Logs which contain explicit sexual activity should be marked as NSFW.
  • Logs which contain mild violence do not need to be labled as NSFW.
  • Logs which contain extensive but vague violence (most lethal combat) do not need to be labled NSFW
  • Logs which contain graphic violence (torture, more descriptive and brutal combat) should be marked as NSFW.
  • Logs which contain sexual violence (rape) should not be posted on the wiki.
  • Logs which contain on-screen violence or sexual activity involving minors (characters or NPCs below the age of 18) should not be posted on the wiki
  • Images of nudity (exposed female nipples, exposed genitals, exposed buttocks) may not be posted on the wiki
  • Images of a graphic sexual nature may be linked to but not directly shown on the wiki, so long as they are clearly labled NSFW.

Staff is the final arbiter of what constitutes graphic or explicit content.

All players, and player characters must be physically and emotionally eighteen years of age or more, and may not be depicted otherwise in text, image, or any other format.

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All players, and player characters must be physically and emotionally eighteen years of age or more, and may not be depicted otherwise in text, image, or any other manner.

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Players on BITN may have up to four active characters at any given time.

These characters may not be members of the same Cooperative or Posse. A character may never have two alts in the same scene simultaneously. If a character attends a social scene on multiple characters that is rewarded XP, the player must choose which character is rewarded.

Further, a player's characters may not provide any sort of benefit to themselves, and a player may not have any significant ties to any other characters with multiple alts.

See also: news Reservists

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While Javier Bardem is younger than Jeffery Dean Morgan, he is listed first alphabetically by both First and Last name, the following is considered game policy: Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem are the same person.

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BITN is a horror Chronicle for adult players. What this means is that any action brought upon a character ICly is not allowed to be contested or avoided. What happens on grid happens.

However, a player is not their character. If it is requested at any point, a player may call for a Fade to Black or a time stop to facilitate a transition of events. Under no circumstance is it acceptable to force someone to roleplay out a scenario they do not wish to. If it is a scenario which requires adjudication and dice, then the rolls will still be made without any narrative text.

Additionally, any IC action which is brought about as a result of a violation of game policy can be voided and retconned as needed.

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Fake It

On the opposite end of the spectrum from people ignoring your characters flaws, you should not need to possess every stat your character does. It is perfectly acceptable to fudge reality. If you want to play a doctor, you should not be penalized by a lack of OOC knowledge. Any time a character in a scene wants to fake it, they may declare so OOC and make an appropriate roll. People should endeavor to try and take the results of the roll into the pose. This is not meant to bypass RP, just allow a little fudging of reality. If the Doctor character wants to throw in some medical jargon, don't bite their head off it isn't real world accurate.

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Approved characters that go one month without logging on for 30 days will be unapproved and frozen, these characters may return without penalty but will not accrue experience while frozen.

Characters that have never gone through the chargen process will be @nuked after 30 days of idle to free names for the system.

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PC Wiki Pages

On BITN we utilize our wiki to both display and organize information. As such, all player characters are required to have a wiki page, even if it has nothing more than their name and any affiliations, to organize information for sorting. To enforce this, any approved character without a wiki will not be able to spend experience. If you need assistance making a page, please contact staff.

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At BITN we recognize that the world of our Chronicle is dark and dangerous. A character could die at any potential moment, and so to prevent this we have allowed for every player to have one pre-approved Reserve PC. These PCs are already generated and approved, with the following exceptions:

Reservists cannot go IC and cannot gain experience. Upon the death or retirement of an active character, however, the player may immediately activate a reservist. This allows for a minimal turnaround in playing time.

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Certain behavior will not be tolerated on BITN. This behavior includes:

  • Violating any core Game Policies such as age or mature content
  • Deliberate attempts to deceive others in regards to the rolls or capabilities of a game mechanic
  • Attempts to infringe on the privacy of other players
  • Deliberate attempts to mislead or deceive staff
  • Harassment of players or staff
  • Any egregious behavior not covered above
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Wiki: Images

1: Do not use a 1200px image where a 400px image will do the trick. You do not need to save absolutely everything as a maximum quality jpg of epic proportions, or as a high resolution png. You really, really don't. Resize your images before upload if you can only find something enormously huge if at all possible. Taking this extra step lets us let you have more images over all, and is less painful on users checking in on the wiki with mobile apps, which means everybody wins.

2: Wiki staff will go through to delete old versions of images on the wiki. These are the versions you see as options to 'revert' to when you upload a new version of an image. We will also be cleaning up unlinked/unused images from time to time.

3: Use images already uploaded by other players for the contacts listing on your page. There is NO REASON for you to make a dozen custom thumbnails of your contacts; the wiki wench will go through and delete these if they start cropping up.

4: If you have an NPC under your control, or directly associated with you or a business you own on grid, you can upload a single image for each NPC of this kind. It's recommended that you use a section of the 'contacts' listing on your character page to link the image, along with the brief writeup of the NPC. If you need help setting this up, check with staff; we'll be happy to help walk you through it.

5: The basic character page template supports the following images:

  • 1 120px square icon image, for the character gallery page.
  • 1 portrait image for the sidebar on your character's page, which will display at 300px wide. You can use landscape or portrait format, and do not need to specifically resize the image to fit; the wiki will do it for you. That said, you do not need an image that's 1000px wide for this space, but you should have one that's at least 300px wide.

6: The character gallery page (optional) supports up to 10 additional images.

7: You can include up to five additional images on your (optional) calling card page.

8: Yes, you can use animated gifs if you want. They are not playing properly on the wiki if they are resized by the wiki itself, so resize them to the dimensions appropriate for the space where you'd like to use them. (Portrait: 300px wide, Icon: 120px by 120px, Gallery: uniform size for all animated images between 200px and 400px height, Calling Card: whatever tickles your fancy.)

9: Do not tuck image links into other parts of the character page or template. That's what the calling card page is for!

10: Forms for plots, logs, and grid locations each support up to five images. Stick within the allowed limits for each, as per the form.

11: The wiki wench is not going to age stalk everyone's PBs to ensure their photo was taken when they were 18 or older. Staff reserves the right to gut-check this; if someone looks massively underage for the game, you may be asked to change things up. Yes, you may include images of NPCs that are your character's children, their ward, their obnoxious student, and so on, as per the NPC guidelines above, provided they are in no way sexually suggestive or NSFW. (This is a no brainer, right?)

12: Played-Bys must be public figures. This means actors, models, television personalities, politicians, and similar public figures. Not a random person you found in an image search, not someone's pictures you yanked off of their facebook wall.

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Wiki How-To

Requesting a Wiki Account

If you don't already have a wiki account, request one with the +req command. DO NOT use +req/wiki, just use +req.

We need two pieces of information from you to create your account:

  • the name you want for your wiki login
  • an email address for the wiki to send your login and temporary password to

We cannot create your account without this information.

When you get the email with your temporary password, you will need to log in to the wiki and change that password.

You will also need to make one edit to confirm your wiki account. The easiest way to do this is to click on your login name in the upper right corner, above the search box. This will take you to your user page. It should give you the option to create or edit this page as normal. Put whatever you want there (which can be as simple as '.') and your account will be confirmed.

Once you have done this, respond to the job to let us know you've been able to log in successfully so we can close the job.

What to do if the email does not arrive

The emails arrive very promptly after we respond to your job to let you know the account has been created, but if it has been a few hours and it has not been received, please let us know in your job so we can attempt to resend your password.

Creating a Character Page

  • Go here: http://bitnmux.com/index.php/Make_Page
  • Leave the PC: in the box, and enter your character's FIRST AND LAST name after it. (Character pages created without a first AND last name will be moved without warning to the proper name structure.)
  • Click Create Character Page.
  • Instructions are present throughout the form. Read them! They will tell you what you need to know to set up your page, and will provide examples throughout.

Once your page has been created, it may take some time for it to show up on the character list. This is because the wiki does not update the listing instantly. (It will not. This is not a bug.) This can take up to 24 hours, but is often faster since someone will force-refresh the page somewhere along the way.

You can force refresh the page by clicking 'edit' at the top of the listing, scrolling down, and saving the page. MAKE NO CHANGES. Just click edit and save. This will force the code to update the listing.

Do not under any circumstances edit the text of the MUX-wide character listing, unless it is to do a force refresh as described above.

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Players may spend their character’s experience as follows: Any trait may be raised without justification, though no trait may be raised more than once every week (7 days).

Certain stats, notably Status and Mystery Cult Initiation, may require a successful vote. All stats begin at their lowest possible level (usually 1, but some merits are exceptions).

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At any given time, you should have one (1) Long Term aspiration - this is something that will take multiple scenes or possibly an entire arc to fulfill. Additionally, a character should have one (1) or two (2) active Short Term aspirations. These are goals that either will not take multiple scenes, or are not goals that are meant to be difficult for your character to accomplish over time.

When you fulfill an aspiration, it needs to be done on screen or via job.

When an aspiration is fulfilled OR significant progress is made towards a long term aspiration, a beat is awarded. Progress must be significant - if your aspiration is to become a world class dancer, buying a dot of Expression counts, but if your aspiration is to live forever, waking up in the morning does not. If a short (or long) term aspiration is fulfilled, you may immediately chose a new aspiration. You may also request that an aspiration be abandoned.

Some game effects may reduce or increase the numbers of aspirations a character has at any given time.

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Bump In The Night uses Chronicles of Darkness (formerly New World of Darkness 2nd Edition) as it's only book. All source material, page references, etc, will be found in this book.

Players that do not have access to this book are encouraged to purchase a copy. Until players can obtain a copy of this book, the World of Darkness: God-Machine Rules Update along with the first edition core rule book will assist with getting started. Alternately, Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition, Demon: The Descent, Werewolf: The Forsaken, etc, contain most of the core rules. Please note that there are several merits, skill write ups, dramatic systems, etc, that were updated and/or added in the Chronicles of Darkness book that will not be found elsewhere.

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Breaking Points

BITN provides 5 "stock" breaking points for all mortal characters. These are assumed to be the default unless a character has chosen one or more replacement, custom Breaking Points which have been approved by staff. Furthermore, if a player or storyteller feels that a character has been presented with a situation which would require a Breaking Point, they may, at the end of the scene, put in a Request to staff.

1 - Murder, either witnessing or participating

2 - Torture, either witnessing or participating

3 - Leaving the material world (including entering twilight)

4 - Coming close to death (a lethal wound in the last 3 boxes or any aggravated damage)

5 - Death of a loved one

Note: Being Victimized by or Witnessing the Supernatural is NOT an automatic breaking point - the characters of Bump in the Night have chosen to confront the darkness that lurks in the shadows. Instead, any breaking point involving a supernatural entity is modified per the chart on page 74 of Chronicles of Darkness.

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Compound Styles

Certain Style Merits are noted as being Compound Styles. These styles offer various maneuvers at each level. At this time, players may: Only choose one maneuver per level, and must have a note listing which maneuver they possess at which levels.

The current Compound Styles allowed on BITN are: Grappling, Martial Arts

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On BITN we use the equipment rules found in the Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook in Appendix one. A character may reasonably be expected to be able to procure any equipment which has an availability of 2 or less without it needing to be noted. For equipment with a higher availability, it needs to be noted on the character. Equipment can be acquired through appropriate social merits such as Resources, Allies, Status and the Stockpile Merit.

To acquire a piece of equipment, place a Request to staff. You must either: Possesses a valid social merit equal to or greater than the Availability of the item, OR possess an applicable skill GREATER than the availability of the item. Each use of a merit or skill this way per chapter reduced the effective use of that merit or skill for the purpose of acquiring equipment until the end of the chapter.

Lastly, characters may at times acquire an item via a plot or other staff-approved scene. This bypasses the normal rules for acquisition.

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The purpose of XP is to allow for the growth of a player character, as well as to provide an incentive for participation in the game.

Character growth should be steady and roughly equate to the activity of a character in regards to participation in plots and utilization of game mechanics designed to provide experience. Experiences should allow a character to grow in their abilities, not be a necessity for them to be effective.

As such, Experience gain shall be minimal but also relatively unimpeded.

The following methods of Experience gain are currently approved on BITN

  • Approved player characters will gain 1 beat every day
  • Through the methods outlined on page 76 of Chronicles of Darkness, excluding end of session, and any other gains as directed per the rules.
  • Through participation and running of plots
  • Characters and storytellers who complete an Investigation per Chronicles of Darkness shall receive 2 beats at the resolution of the Investigation
  • 2 beats through the organization or participation in any non-Plot scene of significant size or thematic significance (Generally 6+ people)
  • As rewarded by staff for exemplary OOC behavior or as a game wide reward
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Faction Creation

It is expected that the pre-created Cooperatives on BITN will not be to every player's liking and may not fit every individual character. As such, we have allowed for players to create their own Cooperatives. At a minimum, a Cooperative requires at least 3 Player Characters to be formed.

First, an idea must be pitched to Staff via +Request. The concept cannot be exclusive - as in, you cannot create a Cooperative that other player characters cannot join. The concept must include a Cooperative Class (Prey, Territorial or Philosophical) and a Cause. If a concept is approved, the next step is to outline the mechanics - both the pre-requisites for joining the Cooperative and the mechanical benefits of the merit. Staff will discuss options with the initial pitch providing players and attempt to come to a consensus. Please note that a player-created Cooperative cannot grant more dots in Rank to any one character than the number of active Player Character members -1.

Once the Cooperative is approved, it will be added to the wiki and become an active part of our setting. Please note that not all pitches will be approved.

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Hurt Locker

Leading up to the release of Hurt Locker, we will be allowing players to utilize content from that book in a test phase. Any material from Hurt Locker can be found under the Hurt Locker menu on the wiki. Material is being implemented in phases.

  • Phase 1: Fighting Styles (Live 3/20/2016)
  • Phase 2: Fighting Merits (Live 3/28/2016)
  • Phase 3: Supernatural Merits (Live 3/28/2016)
  • Phase 4: Equipment and Range Bands (Live 3/29/2016)
  • Phase 5: Other Merits

In order to take a merit from this book, all XP spends must include a mention that characters have read to and agreed to the following: Any material from Hurt Locker is subject to change at any time, and will be reviewed and possibly removed from the game when the actual book is released. Any merit removed or altered is subject to Sanctity of Merits. Any spend which does not acknowledge having read the news file will be denied.

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For continuity and sharing of game resources, the bulk of all monsters encountered so far or encouraged for future plots is maintained at http://bitnmux.com/index.php/Creatures. It is requested that, if you use something interesting in your plot, that you submit a write-up to staff so that it can be added to the list for future use.

If a storyteller would like to utilize any of the creatures that do not have full statistics, please contact staff and we shall provide them.

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Occult knowledge is a precious thing. What someone knows can mean the difference between life and death. Further, the sum of what someone knows about the supernatural is far more than a simple skill running from 1-5 dots. While the occult skill is a general indicator of basic knowledge, the true usefulness of the skill is in the application. Even if you are told that a ritual can summon a demon from the sixth circle, you need some degree of knowledge to enact it.

Staff will not actively police what any given character knows of the supernatural, since the details of what may or may not be applicable to any given story are not static. Those who make assumptions are likely to die when they are wrong. There are systems for research and investigation. Use them.

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Player Builds

Player characters on BITN may have permanent builds placed on the grid. These must be requested and inspected by staff. The following guidelines apply:

  • Player Characters get 3 rooms base to use for builds.
  • Each Separate Safe Place Merit grants an additional room.
  • Characters in a Posse may pool their room totals
  • A dead or frozen character's build is eligible for IC or OOC repossession. When possible, the player who created will be consulted

The actual IC size of all player builds will be limited to the logical size of the area chosen, and limited by whatever social merits (Resurces, Allies, Status, etc) a character possesses. Any build which violates theme or setting, such as massive skyscrapers, ancient castles or 30,000 seat stadiums are likely to be denied.

For information on requesting a build, please see Build Guide.

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On Bump in the Night, a plot is defined as:

"One or more scenes with a continuous story in which there are significant dramatic stakes involving the general theme of the game, the conflict of mortal and monster, in which there is a recognized storyteller providing direction."

Players in the game are free to roleplay their characters in any situation they feel is interesting within the scope of the setting and the policies of the game. However, situations which fall outside of our core theme are not considered plot. We encourage this type of RP for character development and generally being fun, however.

Running Plots:

Anyone may freely run a plot on BITN. Players do not need pre approval from staff to do so, with the following exceptions:

  • Intended massive impact on the game as a whole
  • Anything which would be obvious international headline news
  • Plots violating any core game policies
  • Plots which massively deviate from game theme
  • Plots involving other Chronicles of Darkness game lines

When running a plot, all written rules from Chronicles of Darkness apply unless a house rule supersedes them. Storytellers are free to make judgement calls but are NOT permitted to alter core mechanics. Each scene of a plot may be submitted as a log for Rewards. See NEWS PLOT REWARDS

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Players are free to create their own Posses more or less at will. All that is required is the following: 3-10 players who state they wish to be involved setting a Note with the posse name, and a note for every merit that is shared among Posse members. For reference, those merits are: Allies, Esoteric Armory, Library, Retainer, Safe Place, Staff, Stockpile, and Sympathetic Monster. Any breaking points from Sympathetic Monster apply Posse-wide.

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Professional Training

On Bump in the Night, we do not utilize Professional Training (Chronicles of Darkness p. 46).

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Social Maneuvering

The Social Maneuvering (hereafter SM) system described in Chronicles of Darkness(page 81) is in use on BITN. There are a few guidelines and restrictions, however.

First, SM requires third party adjudicator when used between PCs, either a Staffer or a Storyteller.

Second, SM must be goal oriented, with a specific desired result.

Third, SM must make sense within the scope of the system. Some things are too simple (a quick lie, casual small talk) and others are too complex (romantic relationships).

Fourth, remember that SM is not a quick resolution system, it may take multiple scenes or days. Characters engaging in a SM should open a +request with staff.

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Social Merits

Certain social merits require a specified type. Among these are Allies, Contacts, and Status.

Any of these merits must choose a type from our pre-approved Influence Groups.

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Due to the creative nature of specialties and the ability to stack them, as well as the consideration that they provide a minor bonus, equivalent to a justified piece of clothing or cologne in some instances, Staff on BITN will not be policing a character's specialty beyond whether or not it applies to a given skill. In other words, you could legally take Occult.Monsters, but not, for example, Animal Ken.Chairs.

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On BITN, players are expected to represent the character that exists on their character sheet to the best of their ability. This includes both their strengths AND their weaknesses. If your character has a low Stamina, do not pose them performing extreme acts of endurance. If they have a low Intelligence and/or Academics, they probably do not have a grasp on literary quotes. Characters with poor Presence and Manipulation are unlikely to be the darlings of the social scene. Roleplay accordingly.

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Characters may rise (and fall) in status throughout their careers on BITN.

Anyone may purchase their first dot of Mystery Cult Initiation and up to the first two dots of Rank. Any raise above this dot will require a successful vote among all status holders per NEWS VOTE.

Additionally, a character at status 4 or 5 will be subject to quarterly review (also by vote).

Success in a vote allows a character to purchase the requested status at regular cost.

This policy applies to merits the merits Mystery Cult initiation, and Rank.

I admit this policy is poorly named, and is meant to reflect IC position and not the Status (Influence Group) merit.

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A Storyteller, in the context of Bump in the Night, is a player who is the behind the scenes source controlling a particular scene or Plot (see News Plots) and is considered to be OOCly "in charge". In all cases the Storyteller, if there is one, should be clear. In a pre-scheduled Plot, consent of the participants is considered given per participation in the plot to abide by the rulings and judgement of the Storyteller. In a non-scheduled scene, all participants must agree to allowing someone play the Storyteller role. The exception is Staff-designated Storytellers, who may, on occasion, interject dramatic elements (though staff should do so sparingly unless requested).

A Storyteller may have their Player Character in a scene, however, they become ineligible for receiving any Storyteller rewards as well as the base 2 Beat participation reward (see News Plot Rewards).

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Supernatural Merits

The origin of a character's supernatural powers are left to the choice of the player. Advanced meditation techniques, minor mutations, experimental drugs, exposure to a supernatural being or anything else you can come up with should be fine. Players should set two notes for their character - how their character believes their abilities work, and the OOC truth of how they work. The OOC truth will determine what abilities can detect them. Note as well that certain Cooperatives and hunters may label characters with outlandish abilities as Monsters themselves.

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New characters on BITN may transfer up to 1/2 of the total experience from a permanently retired character (to a maximum of 25 XP) instead of beginning with the usual 5 XP. A character which has transferred XP to another may never be returned to play.

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Unseen Sense

The Unseen Sense merit allows the detection of particular supernatural phenomena.

On BITN we recognize the following distinct paranormal phenomena: Alien, Construct, Demonic, Ephemeral, God-Machine, Ghostly, Magic, Psychic, Shapeshifter, Spiritual, Undead, and Vampiric. The only exception is Unseen Sense granted by a Cooperative, which may have a more unusual focus.

An entity that falls under the purview of a player’s Unseen Sense does not need to be actively using a supernatural ability to be noticed. A supernatural effect that conceals the monster will set off the Unseen Sense but can NOT be pinpointed. Unseen Sense does not grant any superhuman perceptive abilities, and as such does not allow one to perceive a Twilight entity that is not actively manifesting.

Lastly, all Supernatural Merits in the Chronicles of Darkness excluding Unseen Sense itself count as Psychic.

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On certain occasions (primarily Rank raises within an organization), staff may query players and ask them to place a vote. These votes are tabulated by Sol Invictus unless otherwise stated. The initial query will inform you of what you are voting on and how many ballots you may cast. You may vote Yea, Nay, or Abstain on any vote. All votes will remain active for up to 7 days after they are issued, at which point a vote of abstain will be presumed.

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Nothing in the policy listing yet.