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This page is a listing of all current rumors and mysteries that are currently up for exploring and investigating. They are sorted by what Influence Group can provide the best excuse for becoming aware of them. If you are interested in a rumor, as a player or a Storyteller, please +req Rumor = Blah and say if you want to Investigate or run a plot.

All rumors are tagged with an IC date for when they were posted.


  • A priceless artifact from Turkey, the Ankaran Tablet, has been stolen from the University of Maryland Anthropology Department Effective 3/2/2016
  • Historians and archaeologists working for St. Mary's College have discovered three books during a recent dig in St. Mary's county. Dating and certification has not been completed, but the researchers have released a preliminary reports hypothesize they were written in pre-colonial times, and doubtlessly brought over by early settlers. The text appear to reference esoteric religious ideas and the occult.Effective 4/4/2016





Law Enforcement

High Society


  • A small tent city near Lexington Park has apparently been destroyed. Effective 3/2/2016


  • Images have started to circulate on the web of cattle carcasses which have been thoroughly ravaged. The official government story is "coyote attacks". Effective 4/4/2016


  • After a week of record-breaking weather, things are back to normal, but many on social media continue to speculate as to the cause of it.


  • An unusual number of cases of Juvenile Anemia have begun to crop up in Charles County, particularly around La Plata Effective 3/2/2016


Organized Crime


  • Pastor Jonathan Spruce of the Sunrise Life Fellowship church (a megachurch in Upper Marlboro) has just ordered a new wing installed onto his already massive building. Curious minds have started to question how he manages to pull in so many donations. Effective 4/4/2016

Street Crime