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Seeking: Employees

Groups Seeking Employees

No groups are seeking employees at this time.

Individuals Seeking Employees

Aisha Gage The Sugarpine Inn is hiring! We need bartenders, clerks for the outfitter shop, and maids for the cabins.
Cerise Mouser Cerise is starting a farm. Are you good with animals? She's not and could probably use someone who is.

Willing to join the Redeemers and/or her posse is a plus.

Inky Someone good with animals, and willing to suffer the occasional hawk attack.
Joey Winter Joey's littlest drug empire is growing...
  • Drug dealers
  • Drug runners
  • Lawyers
  • Chemists
  • Security
Josephine Ovileau Are you in need of a part time job? A student looking to make some beer money on the side? Are you a convict and looking for a place to work that won't be turning their nose up at you? Not a stranger to some good old fashioned hard work? Josephine's always looking for employee's.
Leslie Kruden I plan to open the Maryland Paranormal Society (MPS) and will be wanting characters that can fill the roles of A/V Techs, Research assistants and a psychic medium or two.
Sascha Holt Sascha is looking for a Teacher's Assistant; someone that can help field questions, gain some experience in the field (Geology/Seismology), and isn't likely to faint at the first sign of something weird.
Somerset Branwell Bartender. Bouncer. Wait staff. Short-order cook.
Toni Winter Potentially looking for another mechanic to be on call at the garage!

Seeking: Employers

Groups Seeking Employers

No groups are seeking employers at this time.

Individuals Seeking Employers

Ian Shaw Ian works part-time jobs while he attends classes at the University of Maryland. Sometimes school and his other activities cause conflict with these jobs. Want to employ Ian? Want to have warned Ian that his shenanigans won't be tolerated?
Joan Dark Minor Criminal Work

Private Investigator?

Unskilled Labour

Joey Winter Need drugs?
Luke Kohl Luke and his hunting dog are aces at identifying tracks to follow. If your something has bolted, and if it was rural where it happened, Luke and the ole hound are out there to sniff them down. Feel free to use Contacts to find his number. The State Police know it too, since he is ex K9 with them.
Matthew Grimm Willing to hire a felon? Good! Because Matthew needs a job.
Roan Donovan Part-time work will help a college student get by.
Sparte Works as a hair dresser, not against working for a PC-owned hair salon.
Toni Winter Need a mechanic? Looking for parts/augmentation? How about a discreet driver for yourself/your group?

Seeking: Relatives

Groups Seeking Relatives

No groups are seeking relatives at this time.

Individuals Seeking Relatives

Eleanor Wickham Frank Wickham is a retired State Police Detective who is very Catholic and hates all supernatural things. He has no idea his daughter is a psychic, or that she fights unnatural things with Barrack Y in her spare time. He could possibly be a member of the Knights of St. George, unbeknownst to Eleanor.
Esmeralda Windham Essie has a whole brood of brothers and sisters that run the gamut from fellow hippies to boardroom sharks. If you want the tie, feel free to page me!
Inky Marius has a sister and a brother that were sent up to Baltimore with him.
Josephine Ovileau Josephine has a few siblings - older and younger - and willing to open them up for folks who might want to play them.
Keira Collins Keira's new to town, but there's nothing to say she can't be related to someone! Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, etc.
Maximillian Cross As a native son of Baltimore, it's entirely possible that Professor Cross might have some relatives in the area.
Roan Donovan Roan has a couple of siblings. I haven't specified anything about them, so hit me up if interested. Also open to parents, cousins, etc.
Somerset Branwell Somerset might have a sister or brother or somesuch. Inquire.

Seeking: Cooperative Ties

Groups Seeking Members or Ties

Aidos Actively welcoming members. This is a game-wide faction, open to all players.
Barrack Y Actively welcoming members. This is a game-wide faction, open to all players.
Chesapeake Marksmanship League Actively welcoming members. This is a game-wide faction, open to all players.
Diamondback Order Actively welcoming members. This is a game-wide faction, open to all players.
Knights of Saint George Actively welcoming members. This is a game-wide faction, open to all players.
Secret Barony Actively welcoming members. This is a game-wide faction, open to all players.
The Redeemers Actively welcoming members. This is a game-wide faction, open to all players.

Individuals Seeking Groups and Connections

Catherine OBrien Cat is a familiar face within the Knights of St George, though more as a background figure than an action hero.
Cerise Mouser Do you believe that perhaps some or all of these supernatural creatures can be good? Cerise is seeking characters to join the Redeemers
Esmeralda Windham Essie has been going it alone for a number of years and is finally looking to make some ties to a group that would fit her skills and abilities.
Ian Shaw Ian and Makenzie were referred to the Redeemers by family friends within the Cooperative. Would you like to be those family friends? Are you a Redeemer? They've been members for a few years now and should know others locally.
Inky A fellow Baron with a hate-on for vampires.
Josephine Ovileau Josephine is formerly a paramedic and has been graced by the powers that be with the ability to heal. She is willing to deal with anyone with regards to either of the above, regardless of co-operative/faction/posse etc etc. As of the writing of this paragraph. Unless you're a clown. No, really. She's not gonna heal clowns.
Keira Collins Possibly. She hasn't one yet.
Matthew Grimm Matthew should join a CoOp eventually. Recruit him!
Maximillian Cross An experienced member of the Diamondback Order, perhaps you've worked with or consulted his expertise before?
Roan Donovan Open to anything. I am starting out without ties to see what develops IC.
Sascha Holt Sascha is a UMD professor and a graduate of the university. She's definitely looking to join the Diamondback Order and is interested in meeting anyone else in the Order.
Sparte Sparte is still trying to find his place in the ongoing struggles with the supernatural.

Seeking: Posse Ties

Groups Seeking Members or Posse Ties

No groups are seeking posse ties at this time.

Individuals Seeking Posses

Cerise Mouser Cerise and a few others are in the process of forming a Posse. The posse will center around a farm which has the goal of curing, rehabilitating, or reforming supernatural creatures and those that deal with the supernatural - as the case may call for. If you're interested in joining, hit Cerise up!

As a side note, there is a need for a rehabilitator that's good with animals to work with our non-intelligent creatures.

Ian Shaw Ian and Makenzie are Rehabilitators. Forming a posse with at least one Rehabilitator would make for a complimentary group. Or someone from another Cooperative of a similar bent.
Inky Someone on the tankier side, or a fellow psychokinetic Baron.
Keira Collins Possibly, she's so new it's not even entered her mind yet.
Roan Donovan Open to anything. I am starting out without ties to see what develops IC.
Sparte Sparte is open to finding a group that will tolerate him, perhaps even like him.

Seeking: Other Character Types

Groups Seeking Other Character Concepts

No groups are seeking other character concepts at this time.

Individuals Seeking Other Character Concepts

Bodhi Chase Someone to explain these Supernatural Merits to me In Character.

Those with Alien experiences under their belt In Character.

A support group for Abductees.

A therapist who won't turn me over to The Government or The Authorities immediately In Character.

UMD Campus people interested in running into one another.

Catherine OBrien The student crowd: Catherine's still a student at CCBC and enjoys all aspects of the social life that comes with that. Maybe you've crossed paths?
Esmeralda Windham She's always looking for customers for her custom-made armor and trinkets, or people that need help in some form, or just meeting people!
Inky Drug dealers, fellow users
Joan Dark Drug Dealer

No Questions Medic

Black Market Contacts


Joey Winter Customers (who need drugs)
Keira Collins Always open for RP of any kind, page me and we'll figure out a premise to meet!
Luke Kohl Aisha is putting together a Safehouse for Hunters (and Luke is helping). She intends it to be available for anyone, and not to have it be Posse or Coop specific. Stop in and find out what she is up to!

Sportsmen hunting in St. Mary's (SM). Not to be confused with monster hunting - the season may change, and the game, but Luke is regularly heading out to hunt and fish locally. No need for a wolf-man to be involved.

Shooting buddies to add Beats towards Skills like Firearms. I can supply the bottles and cans.

Matthew Grimm A mentor! Someone to really teach Matthew the monster hunting ropes.
Sparte Sparte is actively trying to recruit anyone and everyone to LARP.
Toni Winter Toni was involved in a cult for close to a year shortly after she turned 18, and has been on the run in fits and starts since. Are you a cult hunter? Potentially involved in the cult also? Open to talk to see if we're a good fit for a bg connection.
Wyatt Fleet A therapist! Wyatt has more issue than National Geographic. Who wants to give him a hand?