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Seeking: ST for Scene

Groups Seeking Storyteller

No groups are seeking a storyteller at this time.

Individuals Seeking Storyteller

Catherine OBrien Anything involving the church, the Knights or just general weirdness that she may stumble upon in the course of her work; Cat's ideal to get a plot rolling for others, rather than being the focus.
Cerise Mouser The disappearance of Cerise's husband is what first caused her to delve into the supernatural. I've deliberately not fleshed out many details other than Cerise knows that her husband was not 100% human.

I would love if this fact got picked up and used in a plot. It doesn't even have to be a plot that I'm a part of, so long as there's a reasonable chance that Cerise might someday find out the resolution. If you're interested, contact me and we can chat!

Inky Someone willing to ST a long term thing with Inky looking into the folks that unlocked his Biokinesis and Biomimicry.
Somerset Branwell Yes. Anything.

Seeking: Players for Scene or Plot

Groups Seeking Players for Scenes

No groups are seeking players for specific scenes at this time.

Individuals Seeking Players for Scenes

Inky The hunting and killing of a monster or three.
Somerset Branwell If you have something interesting you want someone to run, you can ask. No promises, but once I commit, it's on like Donkey Kong!