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A general outline of the themes we wish to emphasize on Bump In The Night.

More things on Heaven and Earth

The world is large, both physically and metaphysically. Outside of normal perception lies a Twilight state where incorporeal things exist. A thin Gauntlet separates a Shadow of spirit existence from the "real". Hidden places exist where they cannot. And in all of these strange areas lurk horrors. There is no end to the unusual and the strange on Bump in the Night. The supernatural is not easily understood or classified, and the things that lurk are not inherently static.

Player vs Environment

Primarily, the overall goal of BITN is to have players taking the fight to, or perhaps just trying to survive against, supernatural terrors. Hunting monsters. Investigating ghosts. Maybe bargaining with a devil. But in general, the antagonists on BITN are non-player characters. This does not mean that PCs cannot clash, or even come to blows, but that is NOT our focus here.

The Mortal Coil

If you kick wolfman in the nards, beware the consequences. The world of BITN is one where the supernatural exists, and it can and will kill you. Characters may die and if they do, this is not because you are a bad person. It just means the night got a little darker. Not all plots can and should result in significant injury, but never take the monsters lightly.

Action! Excitement! Intrigue!

We aim to have active PCs doing things. STed scenes should be frequent and easy to engage in. While there is nothing wrong with more mundane, relaxed RP, it is the goal of BITN to provide frequent opportunities to Do Something. Break into a museum to steal that talisman. Track down that ghost bear. Run from the killer clown through the forest. Scenes should be happening as often as possible, but should also have variety. Not every action sequence is a fight. There is room for chases and tense sequences of hiding and stealth. There can be occult adventures, negotiations with human-looking monsters and more.